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PC AOR GT3 S13 - PC Tier 3 - Round 1: IMOLA - 05.06.19 @8PM UK TIME

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 25, 2017
So my wheel worked fine with ACC after last nights issues. No idea why it decided to suddenly stop working with PC2. So frustrating as I was really looking forward to a strong race as I like Imola and my lap times looked good compared to the front runners in the race results. :-(
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Assetto Corsa Coordinator
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AC Coordinator
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Jan 27, 2018
well what can i say i was really hopeful; with this race until the unfixable black screen of death with the rift s so had to cowboy a way to use a monitor again and damn i really dont want to do that again as it was that bad on my vision i couldnt even tell the make of car that was infront or behind me
as for the race i clipped the grass on the left before turn 1 which kicked my car to the right and made me side swipe my team mate @Jordy van Oosten which then spun me, lster in the race i hit a spinner which damaged my suspension so had to pit then got more damage later from a spin of my own but when you are getting laped from lap 10 onwards from bad starts your race is already kind of over
i just hope i get my headset sorted, i still had some fun at the back th9ough chasing guys down and avoiding spinners which make me have to take to the grass to avoid a couple


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Oct 9, 2018
Enjoyed the race greatly, I managed to avoid the spin in the first corner. Very unfortunate for that Lambo as he clipped the grass, deadly on this track. Seeing the spin I took to the greenery myself to avoid squashing an Audi that got caught up in it. But because I passed him whilst on the grass I had to give the space back. I ended up having to lose 5 spaces until the warning disappeared.

Settled down to start catching up, almost made a great move on Hamster into the last corners but had a loose rear exiting the turn and couldn't hold on to it.

Quite a few wheel to wheel moments as well which was a real treat.

Getting towards the end, the Mcat curse of "Last5spinnertime" bit as usual causing me to lose my hard held 7/8th?? Heading down to the last 2 corners, a tiny bit late on the brakes caused the front to wiggle over the bump clipping the grass and a 90mphish 300 degree spin followed, FFFFFFFFF.............. OOO, no damage! I'd missed all the fences and tyre walls, wahoo! lost 3 places though but got going again for the last 5 laps tried to chase down those that past.

Great race!

When racing I try and remember to follow 3 things:
not sweeping wide out of corners with a car on the outside​
don't turn fully into the apex with a car on the inside​
Most importantly - the front bumper does not constitute being alongside, try and get a big chunk of your car, at least half or front wheel to rear wheel, side by side for an overtake or back out.​

I have to say that despite the first corner that was an unfortunate spin, what I saw and have been able to watch in the replay so far, everyone behaved similar to me, which is great to know that I am in a group of like minded racers. It was fun racing with a few unfortunate mishaps (for me anyway).

Race 1 has been one of the races to remember and I hope the quality of this season starter will continue and get better! Lets make T3 the cleanest Tier in the Season.

Donnington here we come.......