AOR GT3 S13 - PS4 Tier 2 - Round 6 - Sportsland Sugo - 10.07.19 @8pm UK time |

AOR GT3 S13 - PS4 Tier 2 - Round 6 - Sportsland Sugo - 10.07.19 @8pm UK time

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GP2 Reserve Driver
Mar 27, 2019
That was fun had some great little battles across the race was fighting for 3rd at the end Billyjoe just had to much pace in that 488 i though you had bolloxed it up towards the end with you off track but you were so quick in all the sectors .... i have not watched everyone's stream from last night yet but the Broadcast replay was one of the best i have ever seen ..... also Wimstradamus spin on Lap 3 was one of the best saves i have seen Span like 4 times no damage and then even managed to miss a few cars having a code brown moment + he was a total pain in the Ass to try and pass on track you positioned the car really well just looked like you were running out of tyers ..... Essa had me watching the rear veiw in the last 2-3 laps ..its the first time i have not span out also the first time i hit a 1.19 in qualy ... Well raced everyone catch you lads at Daytona


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May 9, 2018
Again a disconnect :cry: :cry:,

Congrats to the podium though
yeah, could see you gaining on me in my mirror, was looking forward to a bit of a scrap - then nothing....'freggelrock dc-ed' bummer :(
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