PS4 - AOR GT3 S13 - PS4 Tier 2 - Round 9 - Bathurst - 31.07.19 @20:00 uk time |

PS4 AOR GT3 S13 - PS4 Tier 2 - Round 9 - Bathurst - 31.07.19 @20:00 uk time


PS4 GT3 S9 AM Champion
Jan 30, 2018
Well everyone suffered here with the DC which is a real shame,. I had a terrible start, drifted wide in t 1 and went from 10th to last!! By the time the DC started i was running 4th after a great drive (even if i do say so myself). But i was really enjoying that battle with Danny, and you just never know around here - could have picked up another place or 2. i didnt touch the wall once even though i had skid marks in my jocks o_O. Such a pity, was one of the most enjoybale races I've had and a real shame didn't see it out.

Cheers mods and cods, Unlucky Kovy, but that's how it goes ,congrats to Billie and biba


AOR PS4 Endurance S3 T2 GTE Champion
Mar 17, 2018
My start was decent, followed @Yuzu4nm, but he was way quicker in the downhill section and especially in the last corner before the long straight, had no chance to get him. Gained P1 after he made a mistake and a few laps later the two fast guys @Billiejoe97g and @kovy34 drove by and they were gone pretty quickly :)

Lucky me. Got away with P2, but still disappointed with the dsc, because I had great fun out there. Not sure where I would have finished the race after my pit stop.

Was anyone else on softs? It was surprising. Way less wear than expected and the temps weren't that bad either.