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PC AOR IMSA Lights Endurance S1 - Evaluation Race - 15.01.19


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Aug 13, 2018
Reminder to Drivers that are signed-up:

You are signed-up to participate in the evaluation race tomorrow 15/01 starting at 8:15pm UK time. Please make sure that you are familiar with multi-class racing. Remember that it is the obligation of the FASTER class to safely pass the slower class. The slower class has the right to hold their line and would be better to do so. Please do your best to maintain a clean race.

See @Yorkie065 post from the Endurance League for a Lapping guide for this track.

The lapping guide for this weeks race:

Turn 1 - Pointless, almost to the point of no go. The corner is very high speed and the car is usually right on the limit with only 1 line through the turn. Trying to lap a car here is not smart as the amount of speed needing to be lost in order to through the turn side by side, and the amount of risk coming with it is just too high, best save a pass for the exit and into T2.
Turn 2, 3 & 4 - Cautious through here. Faster cars can pass on the outside of T2 and on the inside into the braking zone of T3. Make sure that any passes through this section are clearly communicated, with avoiding making lunges under braking between T3 and T4 as the cars switch back from one side of the track to the other to open up T4. The chance of your lunge being seen is quite low so if you're not already fully alongside them into the very short braking zone of T4, just stick behind and wait for the immediate exit.
Turn 5 - Pointless, as it has a horrible pinch point. Cars are loaded up through the corner and it is difficult to change lines where there is only really one anyway, so any passing would be best done on the immediate exit of T4, or best to wait for the straight after.
Turn 6 and 7 - Cautious and watch cars moving over a bit more between 6 & 7 to open up the entry to T7. Faster class cars are best passing around the outside in these 2 turns, and avoid trying to slip up the inside in the mid corner of T7 if someone is double apexing it. Anyone on the outisde will need to be aware and give room with this as well as some drivers may like to go a little deep upon entry to straighten out the exit of the corner a little more rather than hug the inside curbing.
Turn 8 - Pass all you want here. Corner is almost none existent but obviously just be weary of cars passing.
Turn 9 - Very much the same as T1 with it being pointless. Very high speed, people will be committed to lines without much chance to change them if at all. Make sure you are either fully alongside before the braking zone, or wait for the exit of the corner to pass on the slower class cars right.
Turn 10 & 11 - Straight up no go! T10 is very high speed entry which immediately goes into a flat right of T11. Its dangerous and stupid to try and pass in these two corners if you're not already alongside at the point you start to come in left for the entry of 10.
Turn 12, 13 & 14 - Cautious with passing through here. It can be done with the faster cars passing around the outside of the slower class cars at the apex's, but your timing has to be spot on with it so please be careful. If you are unsure, best to wait for the hanger straight that follows.
Turn 15 - Another cautious passing zone. This one can be a difficult one to read as depending where in the corner the slower class car is, will determine which side you pass on. Entry and exit you'll want to pass on the right. If the momentum and timing is right, the faster class cars can go round the outside at the corners apex, but be weary of the car inside running wide through the corner as its pretty easy to understeer here.
Turn 16 & 17 - Cautious with passing through here. T16 you can do it under braking providing you're there at the braking point. T17, the faster cars will be looking to switch back underneath as the apex is very short and quite tight. With the switchback here, you'll need to make it quick before T18.
Turn 18 - Pointless. The same as T5 where the corner pinches up with only 1 real line through the turn. If you're not already alongside at the exit of T17, best wait for the S/F straight to make the pass as theres a lot of risk trying to nip past in T18.

General Pointers:
- Be very careful and weary of the hybrids between T4 and 5, and then T17 and 18. They do and will boost on those very mini straights between those corners so be mindful as to where the meeting point is between the hybrid and slower class car with those corners. For the LMP1H drivers, if you 100% know you can nip past because you are a car length or two behind, and feel you can do it without scaring the other driver, then go for it. Any more than a couple of car lengths coming out the exit of either turn though is likely going to lead to trouble, so I would avoid touching the hybrid boost entirely and follow the car ahead until you've exited T5 or T18 and on the following straight to safely pass.
- A gap at entry isn't always necessarily an open door. There are a number of corners at this track which are very open and sweeping, where the racing line follows a very wide initially entry that then comes in a makes a later than usual apex. This often makes it look like that there is an open door at corner entry because a car is wider than they typically would be for a normal turn, but that door will very quickly slam shut as the car swings into the apex. Please be mindful of this with the closing speeds into these corners, as once a driver is committed to a corner and turning in, there's not a huge amount they can do about it. Communicate clearly with car positioning and lights about intentions, and any slower class car that is being passed, please do your best to stick to or hold your line.
- Switch backs, be aware of them. There is a whole bunch of corners where one follows another in all 3 sectors. Switching back and cutting in underneath at the exit will probably be the most common method for passing around the track, so be aware of where other drivers are as they may have gone to the outside of the 1st corner in a sequence, meaning they will be on the inside for the next. Timing is going to be key with a lot of the passing around here, so if in doubt, back out as aero and suspension damage is going to be costly.

Unwritten Rules of Multi-class Racing

Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

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@Logan Please change my registration for this race to Thursday 17, today I can not run for a personal reason, thank you.


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