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PC AOR IMSA Lights Endurance S1 - ROUND 4 - Long Beach Street Circuit


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Jan 19, 2014
Now after 3-4 races i participated in this race i learned two things gt4s don't like to be passed by the faster cars and that breaks this league completely, the exception being the leaders cuz they are able to pass everyone people even get out of their way that's a bit unfair even if i'm totally aware i'm not «tier 1» material because of lack of experience but still sometimes i'm doing very fast times for 4th or 5th position but can't do a comeback of a mistake or something random because of the danger of passing the slower cars.

This race i was really determined to not let it be the failure that laguna seca was soo I trained and trained and trained more than 20 hours of driving in this track to «prevent» all the mistakes that everyone was saying and writing on the forum, i was fully prepared for this race but then after the first corner the mess started, the lmp3 car behind me i don't quite remember who soo i prefer not to say names, passes me on to the second corner when i'm going slow to let the cars in front get together . okey i understand he wanted to gain the position sure no danger but not very nice to do. After some laps another lmp3 car crashes and rejoins directly without seeing if there are cars coming i had to go hard in the brakes on the apex of the corner after the second long straight, okey that happens frustrated because of the incident wanted to rejoin fast i understand very dangerous but no damage taken. Then gt4s fighting side by side again on the second long straight just occupy the whole track size then suddenly i see an opportunity and there's an accident because i lock up, my fault shouldn't have gone for it yes but gt4s occupying the whole track not very nice. After this one or two incidents with gt4s happened and that just made lose it easy corners i wasn't having problems i just got lost completely.

I just want to ask about your opinions about this because again i'm new here and not a lot of experience on properly organised leagues.
I want to ask for honest answers not the rules answer because i read them and on the track they don't happen most of the time.
Unfortunately this is probably going to sound like a rules answer, but that is because I was one of those people who were involved with taking the tips for safe multi-class racing and incorporating them into the rules. Although they are rules, they're very much a guide too. Either way, here is some more stuff to help with multi-class racing, especially from a faster class point of view:
  • Look ahead and judge where you are going to meet the slower class car in front of you. This is important, as it aids massively in making a pass safe and lose as little time as possible. The more experienced guys are going to be better at this, as what they actually could be doing is slowing slightly more than usual in the approach to a corner in order to get themselves in a better position and time the pass so the loss in comparison to competitors is minimal. For instance if you know that you are going to be right on the rear bumper of a slower class car at the apex and coming off the corner, lift off before the braking zone and coast in a little. It will then give you more room to get the run off the corner that you want to slip past without getting hindered or caught up as you would if you went into the braking zone at your normal speed.
  • Spend as little time in close proximity to the slower class cars. This follows on from the point above of getting the timing right. The moment that you get caught right up on the back of a slower class car at the apex and exit of a corner, your momentum and speed is ruined and you've then got to purely rely on the power difference to accelerate past and hoping you can do so before the next corner. If you give yourself space to the car, you get the run and momentum you need to pass them quickly. Likewise going into a corner on the inside or outside, try to spend as little time as possible side by side and in close proximity.
  • Be patient and accept the hand dealt. This ties in with the moment you mention of being stuck behind 2 GT4's on the straight, or being passed on the opening lap when being patient. Sometimes you've just got to suck it up and think how you can work around the situation best, as you're not always going to have that perfect run on a slower class car and you'll lose touch with competitors around you, as Beau did if you watch the broadcast when him and Aidtheace came across the lapped traffic. Sometimes you get stuck between cars and your competitor gets away, sometimes they get stuck and you gain a load of ground. It's just the way it works but doing the first 2 points certainly helps to minimize those situations. The worst thing you can do is rush a situation, force a pass and cause people to panic or make mistakes.

When it comes to being in the slower class car, obviously there is a lot less you can do but the 2nd point of being in close proximity for as little time as possible is valid. On the straights, you don't obviously shouldn't need to lift but going into the braking zone or through a corner with a faster class car alongside you, it can be worth giving up a tenth or two to brake slightly earlier, lift a little more and tuck in behind the faster class car. But having said that, I was told that at Le Mans and other WEC events, the GTE drivers are told to 'Always expect 2 prototypes' when being passed. Obviously if you know there's only one then yeah, tuck in but expect there to be 2 just in-case.
But if you're trying not to lose lap time and still keep the pace up going side by side with a faster class car into or through a turn, you're going to compromise them which means the amount of time you're in close proximity is longer, and it is therefore going to compromise you even more too. It also easily leads to a panic situations or the faster class car can become distracted trying to figure out where the slower class car is in relation to themselves, which leads to mistakes.

It's very much trying to figure out what is best for both parties, both parties acting accordingly to help get clear of each other and resume their race at their pace. Of course their are always going to be tricky situations, but that is part of multi-class and patience is the best part of valor for those.


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Jan 19, 2014
As a bite of a side note and some tips from myself on the LMP3 cars as there seems to be a very large spread in terms of pace:
  • Don't be afraid to run downforce. In a lot of games, using high wing angles isn't great except in extreme circuits like Monaco. The aero model is very detailed in Project CARS 2 and even on tracks where there may be a long straight, it can be still quicker over the course of a lap to run a higher downforce setup. COTA, Silverstone and Watkins Glen for example which are high speed and have big straights, are very much medium/high downforce tracks. Sure you will produce more drag, but you make the time coming through the corners and coming off the corners at a higher speed and with greater stability. With the LMP cars as well, having downforce for slow speed corners works too as you can use that to your advantage upon turning in and having a better exit.
  • Increase Engine Braking value. The car won't decelerate as quick as it makes the engine braking weaker with a higher value, but it makes it much easier to flow through a corner and downshift into lower gears with greater stability.
  • Keep pressures up at 1.80-1.95 bar. You're producing higher g-forces with the downforce of the cars and having a higher pressure will help to keep the tyres more stable with a stiffer side wall. If you go too low, you experience what feels like the tyre folding over itself and side wall collapsing, almost as if the rim of the wheel is folding over the edge of the tyre at high loads. It creates a very washy feeling and you sense extra wobble and movement, almost like a momentary split second feel of oversteer before settling again, when turning into and through a corner. Pumping up the pressures combats this, although going too far can also cost you lap time.
  • Play with the diff to find the best values for power ramp, coast ramp and pre-load. A lot of drivers have more experience with GT3's where they tend to use more aggressive ramp angles (25-50), power in particular. LMP cars like less aggressive ramp angles and although I haven't tried the LMP3 much, the LMP1 that I drove in the last endurance league had a default power ramp angle of 75, and the car liked being between a region of 60-75 depending on how you drive and the track. You'll feel the inside wheel spinning up more freely with higher values, where-as lower values will make the outside bind up more. Going too far in either direction will lead to oversteer, so you want to find the balance. With the pre-load as well, although running a lower value will make the car feel more light and agile, adding more pre-load will tighten up the car and give better traction (again to a point) coming off corners. The LMP3's tend to be pretty loose, so tightening the car up can certainly help.

Just drive the cars smoothly, try not to be too jarring or really hammer the curbs as that can unsettle the aerodynamics and cost you grip. Use the downforce to your advantage and try to keep that airflow attached to the car.

I just wanted to drop those in as being in the commentary box and livestreaming from a spectators point of view, you can see some people haven't quite got to grips with the LMP3 cars as of yet. The front runners obviously have their cars pretty well nailed and dialed in, and they're not sliding around as much. Hopefully the above helps.


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Feb 4, 2017
About my race: It probably was a bitt naive to partecipate in this race without any practice, since I only knew that I actually had time for it since a few hours...
My goal was to simply finish the race and not make too many mistakes.

However I didn´t get that far. After qualifying in last but then making a clean pass on another car on lap 2 or 3 I felt pretty comfortable and just when i started to push a little more i made a mistake in the right-hander going onto the backstraight and hit the wall big time. Somebody crashed into my rear afterwards, i don´t know who it was (Sorry about that) and i had to limp the car to the pits.

After the repairs i continued, i wasn´t comfortable anymore. I made small contact with the wall a few times from time to time and had a little damage. So I decided to let it repair, since it didn´t really matter how many laps i was down, but i wanted to be as safe as possible and not cause any danger for other drivers.

But short time later I had an absolute freeze frame... With no warning, all of a sudden I didn´t see anything for about 15 seconds. That of course let to me crasing into a wall. Luykily there was no one around me at that moment. When the freeze was over it was back to normal but after driving another lap I decided it was better to end the race and not risk somebody else´s race in case that freeze would happen again.

All in all, a frustrating race. But what else could I expect with that lack of practice.

In case somebody knows what could have caused that freeze and how to fix it, please tell me...
The internet connection btw. was fine I believe and it happened only once, I also didn´t see any lags or bugs taking place that would witness a bad connection so I don´t think it is a connection related problem...


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Dec 27, 2018
Salut Logan!Pourquoi dans le classement du championnat IMSA GT4 sur la course de Long Beach tu m'a mis DNS alors que je finis 5ème?


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Aug 13, 2018
Alright managed to find a way to get the last few qualifying times I was missing, so the results are up to date. Something seems to be wrong with the LMP3 sheet though so the splits for qualy aren't right but the points are right. Will see if I can get that fixed.