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PS4 AOR IndyCar S3 - PS4 Sign-Up Thread

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Sep 11, 2016

AOR Project Cars 2 IndyCar - Season 3
PS4 - Sign-Up Thread

Current sign-up status
Sign-ups are currently CLOSED. If you want to do a late sign-up then contact @Michel--NL.

Sign ups close on Saturday 18th of August at midnight for initial driver placement. Any sign-ups after the deadline will be placed as reserves.

Important Links
League Information
League Rules & Regulations
Race Calendar

Race day: Monday
Event start: 8:00pm (UK time)

Notable Dates
● Sign-up & time trial opens:
Saturday 04/08/2018
● Sign-up & time trial closed: Saturday midnight 18/08/2018
● Driver placement announcement: Tuesday 21/08/2018
● Car selection begins: Tuesday 21/08/2018
● Season begins: Monday 27/08/2018
● Season duration: 10 weeks (including 2 weeks of qualification for the ovals)

Sign Up
Anyone is free to sign-up as long as you have not previously been blacklisted from an AOR league.

You should only sign up to the leagues if:
● you intend to complete the full season.
● you intend to be active on the forum.
● you are a clean, fair and mature racer.

Step 1
Sign up by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields.
  • Can you race regularly on Monday nights? [Answer needs to be yes]
  • Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? [Answer needs to be yes]
  • Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? [Answer needs to be yes]
  • Gamertag: [Enter your Online ID here]
  • Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
  • Pingtest Result: [Test your connection towards one of the UK servers at and add your result here - ping under 150ms required]
    Speed test example, target server on the bottom right needs to be a UK server
Step 2
Drivers will need to complete the Time Trial event before being placed in the leagues. More info on that can be found here.

Driver List
Drivers who have signed up to the leagues will be added to the list below.

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