AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Schedule |

AOR iRacing LM24 Event 2019 - Schedule

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Dec 27, 2015

In this thread you will find the relevant information and timings for the sessions taking place for the AOR 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019. Please be sure to read through the format closely.

Driver Briefing:
There will be a short driver briefing at 12:30 (GMT +1) for team managers and/or starting drivers. This will last roughly 15-20 minutes with time for questions at the end.

Warm Up:
This session will last for 15 minutes and run from 13:13 (GMT +1).

This session is intended for drivers and team members to join in preparation for qualifying and the race, whilst also getting acclimatised to the track conditions.

Qualifying will last 30 minutes and will run from 13:28 - 13:58 (GMT +1)

You will be running in Lone Qualifying and will have an unlimited amount of laps, your best legal lap time will be used to determine your car's grid position for the race.

The AOR 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019 will commence on the 13th July 14:00 (GMT +1) and will end on the 14th July 14:00 (GMT +1).

In-sim Time/Date settings:
Date: 13/07/2019 - 14/07/2019
Practice will begin at: 14:15
Qualifying will begin at: 14:30
Race will start at: 15:00
Speed progression: x1
Weather: Generated

The race session will begin under a rolling start, in the grid order determined by qualifying. During the race you will need to run at least 3 drivers, and it is compulsory to stay within the "Fair Share" ruling.
At least 3 different people on your team must each complete a "fair share" of your team's laps, or your team will be disqualified. A fair share is one-quarter (25%) of an equal share of laps between the drivers. To calculate the fair share, divide the number of laps your team completes by the number of drivers, and then divide that by 4. For example, if your team completes 127 laps, and the minimum number of drivers is 3, then each driver must complete at least [ 127 (laps) / 3 (drivers) / 4 (fair share fraction) ] = 11 laps (any fractional lap bumps the count up to the next whole number).

Other Notes:
We strongly recommend your starting driver is your driver with the highest SR, as a crash in the first 40 mins of the race in a more dense field can have major consequences. In the event there is a stewards panel, so if there is a collision/incident that you feel was caused by another driver, you are obliged to report it. Reports can be made in the Official AOR Discord.

Saturday 13th July 2019
Warm Up: 13:13 - 13:28 (GMT +1)
Qualifying: 13:28 - 13:58 (GMT +1)
Race Start 14:00 (GMT +1)

Sunday 14th July 2019
Race end: 14:00 (GMT +1)
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