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PS4 AOR Oceania Interest Thread (F1 2016)


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Jan 23, 2014
AOR Oceania Interest Thread (F1 2016)

Hey, Just making a thread to see if we can get an oceanic league going on F1 2016, my vision would be similar of the main league that AOR currently have in Europe - No performance enhancing assists and competitive racers. While I do understand starting and getting really fast racers is hard I am open to discuss assists and rules so we can gain more interest although in my opinion traction and abs is a complete no as they have been proven to actually make you faster (things like racing line and gears if it sparks more interest).

You would have to be within 150ms ping of Australia (South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippians)

Once again nothing is set in stone so the time and day we race is undecided but we will discuss these sorts of things when we get enough people.

Anyway here is a template I copied of the main AOR signup thread:

● PSN ID: [Enter your PSN ID here]
● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
● Speedtest result: [Test your connection towards an AUS server at and add your result here]
● Pingtest result: [Test your connection towards an AUS server at and add your result here]

● PSN ID: Dubzzy_iX
● Nationality: Australian
● Speedtest result:
● Pingtest result:

I also would like to see what level people are at (in terms of speed) if you could post a screenshot of your fastest time trial around Melbourne (in the Mercedes) with only gears and racing line allowed (if needed) to gather the sort of speed we have going here.
(Optional for the time being)

Adding screenshots to your post: To do this, you can upload your image directly to your post as an attachment, by clicking the Upload A File button. Alternatively, you can upload your image to an external image hosting site (such as imgur, photobucket, dropbox, etc) and add the URL using the Image icon above the text box.

Can't wait to hear back from you soon!
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Oct 16, 2014
PSN ID: Cx-TrickshoT
Nationality: Australian



GP2 Test Driver
Apr 13, 2014
● PSN ID: El_Majacko
● Nationality: Australian
● Speedtest result: TBA (when I'm at home)
● Pingtest result: TBA (when I'm at home)

Suggestion: In order to advertise this, can we use the connections to big YouTubers such as Tiametmarduk, xMattyG, TRL Limitless, etc to get the word out? Maybe Tiametmarduk could even race (if he's quick enough :cool: )!


S1 AOR PS4 Oceania F1 Champion
Jan 23, 2014
Might be worth @FisiFan91 putting out a tweet about this for you guys... as well as putting something on facebook.
yes that would be helpful, trying to reach the oceanic players that have never league raced before but are quick and competitive i assume there are alot out there


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Mar 28, 2016
So i am deffinetly into F1 2016 and familiar with league racing. The problem is i can't make sundays, any interest for a league on wednesdays? Thank you guys.