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May 21, 2017

(Same generic introdution as all my prediction leagues)
Hello !
The objective of this mini championship is to give everyone an other chance to win something.
Everyone can participate.
To be awareded points, you need to post your predictions for the upcomming race before the sunday of the race at 8pm (UK time).
If you can’t manage to post it, you can send me your predictions by steam, and if you fail to do it in time, you won’t be awareded any point.
I made it a little smaller than last season, but not necessarily easier

This prediction league contains 3 things to predict :
  • The polesitter
  • The pole time (at the thousandth)
  • The podium of the race (in order)
—> There are 3 joker by person for the all season. It doubles your points for the race you use it.


Here’s an example :

Race : Nepal
Pole : @koldo
Pole time : 1:99.9
Top 3 : @Zerd @Julien2395 @Leman

After the race, according to the final classification (all penalties applied), points will be awared


Polesitter :

2 points for predicting the right polesitter

Pole time :

3 points for the closest
2 for the second closest
1 for the third closest
+2 point if you get the exact time
If tie for the closest, both participant are declared equal

Race top 3 :

1 point for each driver in top 3 predicted in top 3
1 additional point for each driver on the right position
+1 if you predict the right 3 drivers on the podium
+1 if you predict the right winner

+ 1 if you predict the top 3 perfectly (with the right order)


I will put the standings here and update them after each race
If some participants are tied at some point of the season, the one with the most "1st places" (means the most time scoring the most points out of all) will win. If they are also tied in that category, it will continue with 2nd places, 3rd places, ect ...

Good luck to everyone !

@Mr. Ankka @Thm786 @SMEAJ @Julien2395 @Leman @MartinG1337 @Zerd @i7suis @rainer @R1ckk @FKGaming97 @Latsero @KIMIZ @Flash-224 @BoomSonK @Bulczan @xTheHEaglex @etnictrn @Napadovskiy13 @Kopy @Railgone @Soron
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