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Jan 14, 2014
A day later than promised, and written in a motel close to Frankfurt (Germany), but I still want to write a little end-of-season message, :)

First of all, thanks to every single one of you! Thank you for competing and finishing the season! Even if you joined late in the season, or missed a few races. I hope you had fun and enjoyed racing, despite all the problems this game has and the few problems we had in our split.

Secondly, many congratulations to @Jipper! Your consistency in the first half of the season and your incredible speed and consistency in the second half, make you the total deserving champion of season 14 F6! Also many congrats to you and @Scott_Aitchison for winning the constructor's championship!
Jipper, I know the final few races weren't exactly the championship battle you hoped to win but I'm sure @Flips, and @Snook but also guys like @[email protected] and @Indigo are gonna make it a lot more exciting in the end next season! ;)

Also kudos to all race winners - you have all achieved more this season than I have in 6 seasons with AOR (and ARL). :p We've had 8 different race winners, but no-one managed to win 2 races in a row, which speaks about the competitiveness of our split :)
In the end, Jipper also had the most wins this season; 4. But @Flips was by-far our qualifying king, with 6 pole-positions this season. Also a quick shout-out to @Ronnin1978, who gained an average of 7.0 positions in the races - which is honestly quite amazing.
Cheers aswell to my team-mate @Levingston for the last few races - unfortunately we didn't gather a lot of points for the banana team, but I'm excited racing with you again next season :)

And lastly, I know some of you are eager to get going again. Further information about season 15 should be coming soon, and the start of season 15 will probably be in a few weeks time. In the meantime, just keep on practicing - or take a break from racing and go on holiday - before the start of the new season.
Also keep an eye out on the forums, there might be a little surprise coming. But no guarantees! :)

It was an absolute pleasure being your coordinator, I hope I did my work well enough and didn't cause you too much stress & problems during the season. I will probably be racing and coordinating again next season, but probably not in the same league as most of you - some of you are just too quick for me :p

Thank you and good bye! :)

@Jipper @Flips @Snook @[email protected] @TwoFiftySix @Scott_Aitchison @Ronnin1978 @Indigo @ApplePhysics @Niek van Gelder @Andrei Ivan @R.A.J. @Cheeese @Nutzernutzt @Ztikes @schumizeu @VARD @MAGNUSSEN @Levingston


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Dec 31, 2016
Thank you all for a great season!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there at the final race in Abu Dhabi. I am more than grateful to have met you all, great drivers with big passion for F1 Racing.
This season was a big step-up in my career, I managed to get:

3x Wins
11x Podiums
6x Pole Positions
1x Fastest Lap

PC F6 Season 14 Runner-up (2nd in Drivers' Championship)

Great battles with lots of you guys and hopefully we'll have many more races in the future together!

Congratulations to @Jipper for his Driver' Championship. You are a great driver whom gave me a lot of battles and made races more exciting.

Also a big thank you to @TheVerenzak for being the Coordinator for this league. Thank you for making this league so much better.

@Jipper @Snook k @[email protected] @TwoFiftySix @Scott_Aitchison @Ronnin1978 @Indigo o @ApplePhysics ysics @Niek van Gelder k van Gelder @Andrei Ivan @R.A.J. J. @Cheeese eese @Nutzernutzt zt @Ztikes kes @schumizeu @VARD @MAGNUSSEN @Levingston @TheVerenzak


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May 24, 2017
What a Season!

Im happy as a pig in **** to be the F6 champion! which exceeds my expectations i set myself at the start of the league which was to hit regular podiums but not nessicarily win, my own personal goal was to attend and finish every race which i managed barring 1 race which i DNF'd, the first 10 races I was failing my goal as i only had 4 podiums 3 officially after a stewards penalty, So at the christmas 3 weeks break i had a word with myself and practiced harder, And finished the season on the podium every race baring the italian GP where i was struck by a bug and my car stopped on track stuck in 1st gear!! Thanks CM!,

All in all i've had a grand time racing with you all, through the thick and thin of it we rarely had any stewards enquiries in comparison to other splits so we have something to be proud of ourselves for there!

Thankyou @TheVerenzak for being a great Co-ordinator and keeping everyone in check through the season, and thank you to the rest of you for driving fairly and cleanly!

Next season i intend to race without the braking RL so i dont expect my pace to be any better as i need to relearn to drive essentially! so if the new league starts in a few weeks that might not be acheivable as i dont have enough practice time!

Good luck to you all in the following seasons if i dont race with you again, If i do, i cant wait to race against you again! :stig::stig: