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PC AOR PC F7 League - Driver Introduction Thread

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AOR Admin
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AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
AOR PC Formula 7 League - Season 14
Driver Introduction Thread

Hey and welcome to the AOR F1 Leagues!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:

1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)

2. What's your previous league racing experience?

3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Sep 11, 2016
Hey all,

My name is Patrik. Love racing in general and following F1 and motoGP. Been to a few F1 races and planning on more. So far Ive knocked down Hockenheim and Catalunya. Loved it. Havent been to a MotoGP race yet though.

Main thing with racing online is to have fun and get a challenge. Had plenty of fun in s13 in split 4 and I got some close racing and really enjoyed it so Im looking forward to this season and hoping for some good close and fair fights in here. So my expectations are to have fun and give a good challenge to my fellow racers. Previously before AOR I have raced with a few different groups but they all were too spread out since it was smaller group. Still had a great time and learned a lot from it and got more interested in racing.

Currently personal stats:
Steamname: putttee73
Age:43, yay not the oldest. ;)
Racerig:Obutto Ozone, 27" single screen, Fanatec CSL


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 15, 2014
Hi My name is Chris. I have raced here for a few years now. I didn't do last season as I needed a break from league racing for a bit. I'm hoping to finish in the points most races and have a good time. Please drive careful as it is not fun when you practice for a while in the week and get smashed out during the race (you have been warned :cigar:).

Good to see a few drivers I have had the pleasure of racing with before.

Peace out


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Sep 11, 2016

I'm Chok or ChokDK or BigChokDK but my mum calls me Chris :)
Age 55 (feel as 65).
Country: Denmark.

Beside some carting 300 30 years ago I only drive economic driving in my ol Renault but I've loved car games since Toca 2 :D
Earlier this year I had 2 blood clots in my leg so my right foot isn't totally "up to speed" yet.

I was in AOR split 3 last year but I guess my speed now is perfect for Tier 7.

Looking forward to meet you guys at the track - hopefully not in the corners around it :)
Hi My name is Chris. .
Peace out
yoo name-bro :D


Reigning AOR PC F1 Split 5 Champion
Sep 22, 2016
Hey Guys,

I'm Yoan a french guy loving F1. I'm 24 and it's been one year now that i'm racing here on AOR.
I took part in S12 with a few of you and enjoyed it a lot so i'm glad to be back.
Can't wait for the first race to begin and I'm 100% sure it will be a lot fun again.

My aim for this season is to be in the points in every single races.

Good luck all of you for the upcoming season :happy:


Premium Member
Premium Member
Sep 9, 2017
What's up guys. I'm Rik, online alias Rienk and I'm a 20 year old programmer from The Netherlands. I've loved racing for a long time, as my dad got me into watching F1 when I was little. I only started playing F1 games from the end of the lifecycle of F1 2016, since that's when I got the money to buy my first proper racing wheel (yay for actual paying jobs and not shitty internships!). I kinda went easy on that game, waited until F1 2017 came out and started playing the **** out of that in my spare time.

Since this is my first league racing experience, I won't expect too much from it. If I'd manage to get within the points half of the races that would already blow my mind. I'll just focus on not trying to make too many mistakes around other people, so I don't get them caught up in my mistakes.

Cheers and looking forward to the races! :)


Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 26, 2017
Hey, Hello and Good Evening,
My name is Dan, you can find me online on almost every platform via the handle TheEpicSnowWolf.
I am 18 years old, from Germany and already a few years into league racing, although I had a season off prior to signing up here at AOR. Before, I was in a more or less major German league, where also a lot of famous AOR people like Ycoms originated from. In this league, I even was coordinator for two seasons, but then decided to step back from league racing since I moved to a new city, started university and had to completely reorganize my life. :D But now, I have that itch in my hands that just wants me to use my wheel for competitive racing again, so here I am, trying something new with an international league, which I am actually really excited for.
So I am looking forward to racing with you guys this weekend in Australia and for the rest of the season!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 22, 2017
Hey guys! Nice to read everyone's introductions and looking forward to racing you all :)

Im Tom, 25 from London. Last season was my first season back online racing after a bit of a break. I started as a reserve driver but was drafted in halfway through.

I'm never expecting any points, I just like racing in good, clean battles. Had some epic battles last year, even for as low as 16th or 17th place, but for me that's more fun than finishing 3rd and not seeing a soul all race :p I picked up a fair few points with consistent driving and decent strategies

See you on the track!


Formula Karter
Sep 6, 2017
Hey Guys :) My name is Fabio, im 23 and come from germany.

besides F1 2015, where i did race in a fun-racing-league this is my first season in any F1 game. Did drive the past two years with a controller, mostly offline and got a wheel 4 weeks ago. Im still getting used to the game and my target is to improve as much as possible and maybe go for top 5, depending on how you others perform.

I was a kart racer myself for about 12 years, also competitively the last 5 years of my "career" where i learned a lot for my life. Also drove Formula Renault for a few days which was better than having sex. Now im trying to simulate a bit of it here and i hope for a great, fair, close season with lots of drivers every sunday :)

See you on track!

Kane Jr

S18 AOR PC America F2 Champion
Premium Member
Jan 28, 2017
Hello, everyone. I'm Chris, 29, from America dhdhdhgf Sorry, my dog just body slammed me as I am typing this on my bed.

I joined AOR in the later half of season 12 and made my debut at Singapore and almost made the podium. For season 13, I was consistently finished in the points, but was later plagued with DNF's by getting caught up in incidents. Just was at the wrong places at the wrong times.

I really like to league race and have been at it since 2006. Being from America I was a NASCAR fan, but when I was at a sports pub studying with classmates (obviously no studying got done) I saw they had a rerun of the 2006 Hungarian GP on and I've been hooked on F1 ever since.

I look forward to racing you all for some clean and competitive racing and welcome all new members.

Poetic D

Pro Karter
Sep 17, 2017
I'm Jakob, 25 years old and live in Sweden. I've always had a special interest in motorsports and racing games.
I follow motocross and MotoGP very closely and race motocross myself on special occasions.

I started to play F1 16 last year and fell in love with the game and I wished to be in a competetive sceen and feel like this is the year to start hehe.
I've been competing in the game called trackmania since 2008 and still am. If any of you guys play aswell hit me up and maybe we already know eachother lol.

I too look forward racing against you guys this season and all the excitement that comes with it.
Lets have a great and fair season and may the best racer win!


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Apr 8, 2016
My name is Harry, I'm 19 from England.
Raced in leagues ranging from amateur to full length with no assists, been racing since 2012 Christmas time.

Did season (not sure) here on f1 2015 and did terribly, like probably the record for the most non finishes in a row.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to racing competitively. Been hooked on f1 since 2011, the race that really sold me was Canada lol.

I use a thrustmaster tspc racer wheel

Neil Bywater

Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 20, 2014
Hello all, Neil here, from England. Keeping the average league age up at 48.

Neil Bywater #38 on Steam

Been in AOR F1 since S7, made it to split 2 out of 4 in S12, but couldn't race at my hard earned TT pace in racing. So had a 1 point season.

So this season popped in a few TT laps without killing myself, so hopefully will be nearer my natural racing pace in this league.

I hope to be in the points a few times this season.2 X 2nds in previous seasons being my best results so far.

I'm a cautious driver, possibly to my detriment and sometimes this causes trouble at the first corner and close racing as I probably brake earlier than late surprising those behind. You've been warned, or am I playing mind games already?

@Clint58 also beware I've been known to stack my teammate at pitstops haven't I @Jay

Not started Aus practice yet, so if you see me online call me to any practice sessions please.

Advice to any newer drivers, keep it on the track, don't speed into the pits and make sure you get through the first few corners and there is a good chance you'll pick up points.

My internet and system have proven pretty stable in the past so always happy to host if need be.

Additionally for this season I'm a non Staff "guest" steward so have a bigger reason to keep my nose clean.

See you all on track.


Semi-Pro Karter
Oct 5, 2017
Hi guys,
I'm Voller from Germany and I'm 21.
Was racing in rFactor leagues and I was called "Mr. 4th place". Dunno why...^^
I played all F1 games since 2009 (which was bs on the wii) so i think there will be good races.
As a secondary backup driver I hope to get as much as possible experience to get into full time driving next season.

CU on track ;)


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 3, 2017
Hi guys!
i'm LukeBin010, 22, Italian.
I've not played a lot of online f1 in my life, just some career mode especially on f1 2016 and f1 2017 this year.
I'm completely new to the aor championship,(in general to all kind of championship) and i hope i'll have some good time here! I've already done some social races and i really enjoy it, it's really amazing to race with people that care of rules and fair play, and i'll do my best to respect you, and to get as much as possible experience!


Formula 4 Test Driver
Dec 21, 2017
Hey guys, I´m Jeffrey, 21 Years old, from The Netherlands and I am an Earth Sciences (Geology) Student at University.

I´ve been racing F1 games since the first Codemasters game first came out in 2010, and I´ve been doing it with my trusty Cheap-O Logitech Driving Force GT. It still works surprisingly well for being used almost 8 years!

I've been racing in a different league in 2017 but there was a lack of interest in the league (max 10 showed up per race) So i decided to drop out and come here, along with fellow drivers AOR Ciniak (F2) and Ztikes (F6).

In this League I feel like my pace is maybe a little bit too good judging by the last 2 races. My TT times weren't very representative as I did all 3 in about 45 minutes. aside from that I hope to have some good times with you guys till the end of the season and I hope to get some more victories.

Best regards,
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