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PC AOR PC GT3 Elite - Round 10 - Spa-Francorchamps - 17/02/16 @ 8:00pm


GP2 Test Driver
Apr 17, 2014
What a season it has been for me and my team-mate !

My brother was kind enough to give me his graphics card, so i could join in for the last race of the season.
An hour before the race, i stod sweating with a hammer, working on making space for the card inside my pc.
Thankfully i made some space for the card and my pc worked again ! Success ! !

I got p 10 in qualy, better than what i expected due to not having done any practice.
@Michal7M shared his setup once again and it worked well in both the dry and the wet,
so i just had to get into the rhythm for the race.
Spa is a track that i really like, it has a bit of everything and there are multiple overtaking possibilities.
I got an okay start and gained on others having some trouble in the first couple of laps,
I caught up to @Mazy CZ and feared for a Dubia repeat of never getting past him, but he made a small mistake and i got through.
My pace in the dry was about the same as those around me and it didn't take long before i closed the gap to a group ahead of me battling out.
around lap 11 or 12 i drove into the pits just behind my teammate to get the wet tires on.
I was clear after two laps, that he was struggling with grip and he let me past. for the next couple of laps i pulled out a gap of 8 seconds or so until @khaki pull of the track in a weird way, so sad get a DNF because of the pedals sliding away during the race. From here i had 7 sec to @Papand and 7 sec to @TonyR up ahead.

P3 in the last race of a season that had it all, close racing, victories and a chance at the championship.
Thanks to everybody for making Wednesday the best day of the week ! :)
Cya all in season 4, hopefully ! ;)