PC - AOR PC GT3 Semi-Pro - Round 12 - Sonoma Raceway GP - 28/09/16 - 8:00pm | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR PC GT3 Semi-Pro - Round 12 - Sonoma Raceway GP - 28/09/16 - 8:00pm


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Oct 20, 2015
Ty at first, good job everybody! but on the no TT Part I dissagree. Its way more easy to let everybody set times again and prove what they are capable of. For example iff you can do 27.xxx at sonoma instead of a 29.xxx you prove yourself quite a bit already because every one is in the same car. About racepace I Agree that hard work should pay of and iff you are consistantly top 5 maybe considering moving up to pro indeed.

There is soooo many drivers who could be moved from Semo-PRO to replace those guys. Yes they did faster TT times, but why wouldn't these people be moved down, and some Semis moved up! Its not only about the speed. It should be about how consistent driver you are.

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Sep 15, 2016
I just entered the Pro league at the end of the season. Did 2 races and ended 8th and 4th... so i like to stay in Pro :p
Also almost al of the times i can attend for the races :D

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Dec 29, 2015
I would love to be promoted to Pro league, although near the end of the season I had only bad luck, nearly every race I had at least one moment when my pedals disconnected form my wheel base, and it finally ended badly for me on Hockenheim, I could never really show my true pace/potential, as I am constantly being limited by problems with the horrible game that is Project Cars, and problems with my wheel not working correctly with it.
I was hoping to score some good points on last race, had pace for top 5, as I always gain some places during the race, and my game crashed.

I hoped for a Top 5 (I've been in 4th and 5th place on Championship leaderboard over half of the season), and I finished 9th, only because I completely destroyed 2 last races :(

First half of the season was a nightmare for me as I was using a controller back then (and I used a controller for my TT times too). I want to improve in season 6, and hope to see you all there :)
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