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F4H MaR4uDer

Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 3, 2017
@Logan @BMW /// M-Power @AndrexUK @Chloé Hello friends, since you talked about GT1 for a future endurance league, I come to propose something that can be fun and that everyone likes, there are 3 groups of categories of cars that are in P.cars 2 and in others.
These are:
- GT1(All) and LMP900 (Ferrari 333SP and BMW V12 LMR)
- Gr.6(All), Gr.5(No Porsche and Nissan 290 ZX IMSA) and Gr.4(BMW M1 Procar and Ferrari 512BB LM)
- Gr.C1(No Nissan ZX Turbo IMSA) and GTO(Ferrari F40 Competicione, Nissan 300 ZX Turbo LM and Porsche 961 LM)

I hope you like these options and soon aya news, thanks.


F1 2nd Driver
Jan 20, 2019
Hey guys..can i be tagged in the future for these races please?and also when the enduro league starts?i am on pc now from ps4 so would like to be kept up to date on pc races :)