PS4 - AOR Pro GT3 - Round 2 - IMOLA - 30/3/16 @ 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR Pro GT3 - Round 2 - IMOLA - 30/3/16 @ 8:00pm

RGT hayc

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Mar 10, 2016
I'll be joining as soon as I can guys,at this rate I'll not to put any laps in before the race starts


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Jan 25, 2015
Q: 2nd

Can't believe how quali went! In practice I managed a 1:48.8 with room for improvement, HOWEVER I thought it would be a good idea to mess around with the setup to go quicker. Completely backfired and car felt unstable meaning I couldn't get a clean lap in. With that said I still got 2nd! Well done @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for an epic lap. Even with my previous setup I was never going to beat that.

R: 2nd

Started out well as the car felt more stable with heavy fuel. This meant I could stay close to @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for a few laps, however I had trouble with the car sliding and made silly mistakes. I then decided to calm things down and hope @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o pits. This didn't work either as I didn't have the pace to match him.

This meant I had to keep @machwebb behind. At first I was pulling a gap, however I lost time by making mistakes, which also destroyed my tires. The last 10 laps were very slow, however I managed to keep a decent gap and finish 2nd. Not the most exciting race as I stayed 2nd for the entire race. 0 overtakes :(

Well done to @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for a dominant victory! Also good race from @machwebb for another podium and my teammate @CragglesD for some great points. Thanks to all the guys who safely pulled over to get out of the way for the leaders :)

From the first 2 rounds it looks like @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o is the man to beat!

Best thing about this race was that I didn't disconnect!!!! :D:D:D:D

Look forward to a dry race where we can have some better racing. (y)


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Jan 22, 2014
Q 3rd : R 4th

That's more like. Thank God I had time to practise a bit this evening and find a setup.

Race started badly however. Unfortunately I got knocked off by a McLaren on lap 1 at the second ess section, which also gave me a 5s penalty.

That put me down in 9th by the end of the first lap. Two people collided, another two span off - one of whom was @Bankai_Bullett - and I pulled a rather nice overtake around the outside of the left hand hairpin on @Defiant195.

That put me back up to 4th. Throughout that @mgdunn22 followed me through into 5th. He nearly pulled a move on me but I held on and pulled away from that point.

@machwebb was next on my list in 3rd. He was about 6s ahead. I started closing the gap slowly to under 5s but I couldn't keep the consistency and it was very much cat and mouse. I spent the rest of the race mostly looking at the time gap to him! It stayed around 6-8s for ages, swinging a bit as we each went through backmarkers.

At one time the gap was up to 11s but I seemed to get better, relatively to @machwebb, as the tyres wore. By the final few laps I had managed to get the gap back to under 4s but ultimately I ran out of laps. @machwebb just didn't make any mistakes, so fair play.

So overall, a mostly lonely but intense and engaging race. A shame the battle with @machwebb never materialised, as that could have been great. It would have been nice to have not got knocked off at the start and to have had a proper battle for 2nd and 3rd.

Well done @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for dominating and @Milligan for the good team points haul.


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Nov 20, 2015
Q:9 R:5

Terrible qualifying, never got anywhere near a good lap in.

The race was better, had a steady start and after about a half a lap found myself behind @CragglesD and we made our way through a few cars in the first 4-5 laps after that, @CragglesD seemed to find some rhythm and I never had the pace to go with him, the rest of the race was very lonely, finished about 45s behind 4th and over 1m in front of 6th.

At least this week my wheel never cut out, thanks to @Bankai_Bullett for the wheel setup changes.


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Feb 2, 2016
Q: 6
Qualy wasn't very exciting, I kept spinning then got a good lap in and that cemented 6th on the grid.
R: 6
Got a half decent start moved up to 4th then had a little bit of contact with @CragglesD and it took us both into the gravel.
Then a bit further back had a few "moments" with @Bankai_Bullett then he spun and I took a little damage and also spun myself that slowed me down. I kept going until I pitted on L17 then dropped back to 11th then had a blast catching up to everybody in front. The last 6 laps came and they were fantastic, I was running 8th, and 6th and 7th pitted and I got past. Overall very exciting race loved the comeback and everything else about it. And now to Le Mans! :joyful:


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Dec 27, 2015
Bad race... Crashed with someone who stopped suddenly on the middle of the track. Race ruined... :(

Let's hope for better luck next time!
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Apr 4, 2015
Yep, officially the worst start to my season since Season 1:meh:

Quali: Put a fairly decent lap together. Good enough for 4th anyways...
Would have been 3rd, possibly 2nd, had I matched or beaten my PB, but a good position none-the-less...

Race: Well...... That was fun!
Got swamped at the start, which was expected considering putting any Bentley power down in the wet is difficult enough as it is.
Managed to get through the fun first lap and stayed in 4th. Kept up with @machwebb for a few laps then the inevitable happened...
Span coming up over the hill out of T10 and lost places.
Then it was basically rinse and repeat through the entire race.
Managed a nice little run with @Delaney for a while, before I again binned it.
Though I did pull of a nice overtake on him into the chicane (T11-T12), so that was nice...

But basically, it was a race I'd rather forget tbh.

Well done to @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for a 2nd win. @Milligan and @machwebb for their respective podiums and a more respectable team finish for @mgdunn22 (Good new about the wheel bro!)

Right then, off to France for what hopes to be the turn-about to my season;)

Results Tables have been provisionally updated.
And here's my race video.



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Nov 21, 2015
Firstly I need to start off by saying thanks to @mpc-v1 for an amazing setup otherwise I would have barely been able to crack into the 1.50's.

Qually went well. My fastest lap wasn't perfect but it was only a tenth or two of my pb. I still think I could have got a low 48 but I ruined my last lap so I didn't get chance.

I got a good launch off the line having a near identical getaway to @Milligan and staying in first. @Milligan stayed with me for the 1st lap and a half and then I started to eek out a gap at a rate of around a second a lap.

I didn't have any problems on track in terms of spins or out braking myself. I did however end up at the share menu again after only pressing the share button once to start a recording. This happened 3 times, one after the other and when I had finally sorted it I was in the gravel at turn one. Luckily I only lost 3 and a half seconds of my 8 second lead and managed to build the gap back up.

It was pretty fun going through all the traffic and people did well to keep out of the way.

On lap 26 I realised I had over a pit stop in hand over second (around 40 seconds). My tyre wear was actually good and I was considering going to the end without stopping but seeing as I had had a free pit stop I figured why take the risk. Also I wanted to see if I could get into the 48's on race fuel so that kept me entertained till the end of the race. Unfortunately the fastest I got was a 49.1 which is 5 tenths off my pb.

I had a little coming together with @jenda1975 towards the end of the race as I didn't anticipate well enough how early he would brake but it was just a tap and nothing more and I got by straight after.

All in all I'm very happy with the result and the amount of pace I had. Congrats to @Milligan and @machwebb on their podiums. I'm just gutted my team mate didn't get any points.

Here's my perspective of the race:
Thanks again guys :lol::stig::)


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Mar 12, 2016
Terrible qualifying, never got anywhere near a good lap in. Of course at my very last lap I didn't do any mistakes other than being too late and Q stopped as I got on the start/finish straight.

Race was much better. I held back at the first couple of laps and just took advantage of people going off and crashing and ended 10th or 11th where @Bankai_Bullett came down to meet and greet. We did some fast-ish laps (using all our torque) in close completion till @Bankai_Bullett thought that it was time to "look around". He did, as he write's overtake me at T10/11 but nicely gave it back at T12/13. From there (I think it was lap 6 or 7) I was on my own for a lot of laps. I could "see" @jenda1975 8-9 seconds in front of me in his Porsche and some laps I was gaining and some I was loosing till I pitted at lap 18. From there I was very alone till lap 29 lap where @jenda1975 came out of the pit just in front of me. So I had actually gained some 7-8 seconds from lap 18 to lap 29..yeahh! We then had 4 laps in very close competition with less than a second apart, till it was my time to take a snappy look at the nearby nature, resulting in me losing 6,5 seconds. Over the next 2 laps to the finish line I managed to get 3 of them back. This was, even though I was left alone for most of the race, a very tense and exciting race and after the race I was sweating like a pig and my arms were hurting.


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Jan 20, 2014
Pre Race build up: Had a couple of hours going around on the default setup in free practise. Did a 36 lap run on 74 litres of fuel. And did about 10 minutes an hour before the race and some time setting up more pit options.

Qualy: At the last minute decided I had a few litres too much fuel. Did a 3 lap run, first lap went wide a second to last corner, 2nd lap spun at first corner, 3rd lap crossed the line as my fuel ran out. P10.

Rain I mean Race: Was a bit outta practise with timing the lights but got away OK. Kept it calm and smooth as people went wide or got a penalty and was P6 by turn 6. Was overtaken the same turn next lap by cragglesD around the outside and he was soon followed at the chicane my the Bentley of mgdunn. Just kept the smoothness together until later in the race when hayc got close then got the wobbles. @ANTONIOS1978 got close but was pushed off at the chicane, then I was followed bu @jenda1975 who then lost out to hayc. He closed the gap over the first half of the race even thought he had a spin. He had got passed by around lap 22 at which point I realised my fuel would not get me to the end of the race. Now I had to save fuel so I started to lift and coast and change up gears earlier. Even being a lap down I needed a bit more fuel. My pit strategy options were 6 litres or 20 litres. I opted for 20L because I needed around that but still had 3L in the tank. My position in the pit stop didn't seems to change but I think @Rekii must have passed me. Hayc pitted with damage who I passed the lap before. 2 more laps and I was finished in P7? or P8. on lap 35.

Very pleased with my driving, thanks to my team mate Delaney for sharing his setup screen but it does not give most of the important settings like brake balance, gearing and differential settings that I felt were where I really improved in practise.


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Mar 12, 2016
You'r allways free to ask @Defiant195, I'm more than happy to share or discuss, especially if I get something out of it too ;)
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Mar 8, 2016
First up thanks again to @Defiant195 for hosting again.

Q-5th Not happy with my best quali lap, all but 1 of my laps were affected by track join lags, in the end I was 1.5 off my best in practice. That's said I was quite happy with where I ended up and felt like I'd got away with murder! Great Job by @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o on the Pole and the guys in front (y) I was getting close to a 48 in practice but it wasn't to be and would have a been a freak and unrealistic for me to expect one in quali.

R-3rd I had hoped for a left hand side grid start, (which I got) to minimize the chances of any T1 mishaps, but the start was clean enough anyway so no worries there. @Rekii got past me off the line but he and @CragglesD tangled which put me in 3rd having got past @Bankai_Bullett. From here on, I just wanted to stick to the plan of not making any mistakes, driving well within maximum pace, leaving pace in the tank should I need it. @Milligan had enough speed to recover from his mistakes and Craggles made just (just) enough mistakes to make it easier for me to keep him behind me. Though I think 1 less mistake would have meant he was on my tail for a lap or 2 at the end. As it stood I think he closed down to within 3 secs. I really enjoyed that tension, balanced with the vague hope milligan may make a howler at some point. Not to be. Not much on track action, but a nice tactical race..

Would just like to re-iterate my apology on the night to @jenda1975 i hit trying to let me past after the kink on the run to the penultimate corner, I was a bit surprised at the time, assuming we'd sort it out on the pit straight. Sorry man, I hope it didn't ruin the end of your race. (I hate the name gfx in pcars, so I didn't catch who it was at the time) I didn't know whether to stop or not as it wasn't for position. Jenda was kind enough to say no worries on the night but I'll take the penalty if needs be.

Cheers Lads, Congrats on the Win Dave, 2nd Milligan..Championship is close for now!!
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Mar 13, 2016
A little summary of a disaster qualify and race...


R:12 (due to the fact that people didn't finish the race, would have been 16th otherwise).

Had a good practice on saturday, managed low 1.53. From there on 'til the race I got slower and slower, car felt a bit understeered. Tried different setups, nothing helped. What was even worse was that my tires wouldn't last more than 15 laps... This got worse in the start of the race, hardly could break into any corner and on lap 7 it all became clear why. I realized that when I lifted the foot from the pedal I had about 20% throttle :woot: The springs that is suppost to lift the pedal didn't do it all the way! Started to lift the pedal with my foot when braking and it did wonders with my breaking. Then the spring dicided to give up totally wich meant that I had to drive the rest of the race holding the pedal between my toes. It wasn't easy, very hard to feel how much gas I gave. Survived the race with some slight cramp in my right foot :)

Have done a repair job on my pedals now, they will hopefully work until I get my new pedals (wich is already ordered).
Really looking forward to the next race thinking it can't get any worse than this race ;)

Concrats to @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o for the win and to everybody else who finished the race. Nice drive!


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Jan 20, 2014
Above is one third of the reason I don't own a wheel, others being price and extra price for a rig for it to sit on properly.

Watched the my race video and I would think that @Gareth Kirk has the biggest reasons to be p****d off, after being pushed off into the wall.

@ANTONIOS1978 what happened on the pit straight that you fish tailed and hit the wall at over 100 mph?
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Nov 21, 2015
Above is one third of the reason I don't own a wheel, others being price and extra price for a rig for it to sit on properly.

Watched the my race video and I would think that @Gareth Kirk has the biggest reasons to be p****d off, after being pushed off into the wall.

@ANTONIOS1978 what happened on the pit straight that you fish tailed and hit the wall at over 100 mph?
By the looks of his video frustration got the better of him. @pcsolima's race was ruined because of it. Would have been much more sensible to move over and retire rather than spin on the track.
Skip to the last two minutes:
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