PS4 - AOR Pro GT3 - Round 6 - WATKINS GLEN - 27/4/16 @ 8:00pm |

PS4 AOR Pro GT3 - Round 6 - WATKINS GLEN - 27/4/16 @ 8:00pm


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Mar 12, 2016
Q11 In which I did just about what I was able to, just a few tenths off my best.

R12 I had an interesting race. I, just as usual, made a good start, where I were pushing for 11th. As We went up the Hill for the busstop first time I had accepted being 12th though, so no problems there. In the busstop I was the one hitting @Nexus1011 in the rear as he, @Andoryu and @CragglesD had their get together. I had no chance of avoiding that hit and just had to find the pit, to mend broken parts. I left the pit as 13th with a huge gap to no. 12. The next laps Nexus was beathing down my neck till I made a small mistake and he got past. After that nothing really happened till I pitted at lap 18 other than I was feeling too slow. After the pitstop @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o came charging up my rear and I let him past (not holding him up too much) and found that I was almost able to fellow him. At lap 23 he made a slighte mistake going into the busstop, that made him spin and to my big surprise, stop at the middel of the track. To avoid him I accidentially unsettled the car and span at the exite and hit the wall. He was probably Happy, that I avoided him, but sadly it meant, that I had to visit the pit's one more time. By now it felt like I had used almost as much time in the pit as on the track. I had @Defiant195 1 min 13 sec's up the Road and decided that I might as well try to see, how much I could do about that. I was in 12th and I stayed in 12th, but I maneged to claw in some 8 sec's on @Defiant195 over the last 10 laps. This last little bit of succes was the only positive part of the race. Before the race I felt that had a genuine chance of getting a bit better result, than I've been able to, over the first half of series, but no it only got worse. I really hope (I know it, it's unreal) that SPA's going to be better....Oh no that's where the race starts of with Eau Rouge.....Mayhem's coming
I mainly use it so I can see more around the car so I have a much less percentage of hitting someone.
Ohhhh like in the busstop :sneaky:


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Nov 21, 2015
It's a shame you can't adjust it on shooters on console. This is the only console game I've known to ever have it.


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Nov 21, 2015
That's the dream. Just ordered a vr headset today actually. I splashed out and bought the Google cardboard. Just gonna see what it's like before I get playstation vr. @Bankai_Bullett, I'm just watching your stream now. You did well to recover that spin and get your car facing the right way. Could have lost a lot more places waiting for traffic.


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Jan 22, 2014
Q No time : R 5th

A late report here. 5th was quite a save for me given my woes in quali and the start of the race.

Game crashed twice during quali. I had been sitting in 5th at the time and would have been 5th or 6th.

Still with no official time set I still started 9th, which was odd. Blew that opportunity when tagged a McLaren exiting the bus stop on lap 1. That spun me into the wall and others were collected I believe.

So now I was 15th and last. I was catching the pack before making a rash overtake on lap 5 as I attempted to take the inside into the right hander after the straight, four corners from the end. You naturally understeer in that corner and I drifted wide into the other car. We then got stuck together and into the wall I went, damaging the car.

With a damaged car I had to pit on lap 5. More soft tyres and I added some extra fuel as wasn't sure 105 litres on the BMW was enough. I overdid it though and finished the race with 20 litres!

I knew I had to now go 30 laps without stopping again for any chance of decent points. This also meant I didn't push to the max and took it easy through the fast corners, keen to not take all the life out of the tyres. This tactic paid dividends at the end of the race. The race went well from thereon, apart from two frustrating 5 second penalties.

As others pitted and people had late race issues I found myself 6th. I was 14 seconds or so behind @mgdunn22 but in the last few laps that gap dropped rapidly. I think his tyres were nearly gone causing him to make mistakes.

Two laps to go and @mgdunn22's tyres looked finished as I took 2-3 seconds per lap out of him. I was quite pleased because I had done 30 laps on mine and they still had good grip.

Last lap and I got passed @mgdunn22 as I accelerated out of the right hander, four corners from the end! It was the same corner I'd had my failed overtake earlier.

So a surprising 5th it was. A shame I had my issues. I think with a smooth race it would have been a race long battle with @Newy656 for 4th. The top 3 appeared too quick. It was probably the first race @Newy656 and I haven't been trying to share the same tarmac!
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