AOR Rocket League - Season 3 - Rules & Guidelines |

AOR Rocket League - Season 3 - Rules & Guidelines

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Feb 6, 2017
1. Signing Up
  • Upon signing up each participant must be a member of a team. They won’t be able to sign up as an individual without a team.
  • Upon signing up each team needs to have between 2 and 3 members.
  • Each member of a team must have filled in the complete sign-up form on the Sign-Up Thread. If this thread isn’t filled out completely, the sign-up won’t be processed and thus the person won’t be seen as a participant.
  • Each participant can only be a member of 1 team, thus can’t be an active member or substitute member of another team.
  • Each participant must have ALL Coordinators added on his/her respective platform AND through the RocketID system. If someone doesn’t meet this criteria, he/she won’t be able to participate in this league.
  • Each participant must have a ping of at most 150ms to a server based in London, tested by
  • Upon signing up each participant and team agrees to the rules mentioned in this thread.

2. Substitution
  • Each team must have 2 designated players and can have at most 1 member acting as a substitute.
  • A team can’t substitute its members in-between matches in the same series. A substitute can only replace another team member before a new series starts.
  • If your team uses a substitute, it is your duty to inform your opponents and the Coordinators about this fact at least 2 hours before the series starts.

3. Scheduling Series’
  • Each series needs to be planned at least one week in advance. Once planned it is your duty as the participating teams to notify the Coordinators of the time and date when this series is taking place. If a team doesn’t make it to the scheduled date and time due a reason that could’ve been avoided, that team will be handed a loss. This doesn’t account for unexpected changes such as illness, family drama, educational issues, etc.
  • If a series is designated as a “streamed” match, as seen in the schedule thread, the participant teams are required to schedule a match with an official recorder or an Coordinator, as seen in the league information thread. If it turns out to be impossible to schedule a match between these parties and all possible solutions, such as substitutes, have been explored, then the Coordinators will notify the participating teams that their match can be played without being recorded.
  • When scheduling a match each participating team is required to give their opponents all of their available dates and times as soon as possible. If this condition isn’t met then the Coordinators will be quicker to pin the blame on you if a match isn’t played in time.

4. Playing Series’
  • Once a series has started each time has to stay in the lobby until the series has been decided. Leaving before this moment will lead to losing all statistics from that series. And if done multiple times it will lead to disqualification from the next scheduled match.
  • During a series each team has a right to demand a new server once server issues have arisen. The lobby host is required to oblige to this demand if there is enough reason to believe there actually are server issues.
  • Each team is required to take screenshots of EVERY match played in EVERY series they take part in and post them in the Results thread for that specific week, tagging the Coordinators and participant teams in the process. If this isn’t done then the match will not be considered to be played.
  • A match may only be played in the following arena’s; DFH Stadium, Mannfield, Urban Central, Beckwith Park, Utopia Coliseum, Wasteland, Neo Tokyo, Aquadome, Starbase Arc, Champions Field. If a match isn’t played on any of these arena’s it’ll not count towards the currently active series.

5. Recording Series’
  • As a recorder you have a responsibility to record matches and upload them to YouTube as an unlisted video. The link of this video is to to be sent to ALL Coordinators and the official designated streamer.
  • It is possible for a recorder to be a participant in the league, please be wary of your responsibility and look for any and all solutions if a problem with scheduling your series and recording other series’ should arise.
  • As a recorder you are required to upload all recorded series’ before the end of the week, Sunday 12am (UK time).

6. Communication
  • It is advised that each participant joins the official ApexOnlineRacing Discord channel and requests Rocket League permissions in the channel “#permission_request”. This allows for smoother communication between all involved parties.
  • It is against the rules to insult anyone involved in the tournament, staff or participant. If you’re found breaking this rule the Coordinators will be swift to remove you from the league, even if you’re necessary for your team to be able to play.
  • Upon encountering an issue in any shape or form related to the league, it is your responsibility to immediately contact ALL Coordinators.

7. Breaking Rules
  • Upon breaking any of the above rules the Coordinators will hand out exactly 1 warning, unless a punishment is specifically stated in the rule you’re breaking.
  • If a participant breaks a rule whilst already having 1 warning, he/she will be promptly removed from the league, even if you’re necessary for your team to be able to play.
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