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PS4 AOR RX Lites S1 - PS4 - Livery & Team Registration

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Aug 13, 2017

AOR Project CARS 2 RX Lites
PS4 Livery and Team Registration

Livery Selection

Due to this league being purely around the RX Lites, car registration is not necessary. However you still need to choose what colour paint you want to represent yourself in the season.​
You are free to choose whichever livery you desire. There are no restrictions on how many of each livery is allowed in the league.​

If you’re planning to run in a team, be sure to choose the same livery as your team-mate as you will not be allowed to have different liveries in the same team.​
Changing livery pick

You are free to change your pick at any point up until the first race of the season.​
Team Selection

Once you have selected a livery, we recommend you team up with another driver. This is not mandatory, but greatly encouraged.​

Regardless of the category, regardless of how high up the ladder a driver goes, there is always one thing that all racers aspire to do - beating their team-mates.​

You can choose your team-mate and compete for joint glory under your own team-name!*​
*Subject to approval - Vulgar, hateful or offensive names will be disallowed.

There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team. Team-mates will be required to use the same livery, or same team livery (same design but with alternate colors).​

If you do not join a team, you will only score points in the Drivers Championship.​
Registration Templates
To register your team, please sign up using the following template:

Livery registration (To select your livery, reply to the thread with this template)
Name: [Enter your AOR name here]
Livery: [Enter the Livery of preference]

Team registration (To register a team, reply to the thread with this template)
Team Name: [Enter Team Name]
Drivers within Team: [@AORDriver 1 + @AORDriver 2]
Livery: [Enter the Livery of preference]

List of Drivers and Teams registered

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Sep 8, 2018
I'd be happy to team up with you. If you want :) esspecially with that awesome team name
Sure man! Just be informed i won‘t be able to race the first round due to holidays (santa busy time). Remaining rounds i‘ll Spank the shizzle out of my reindeers.
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