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XB1 AOR S17 XB1 Assist 2 League - Driver Introduction Thread


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Sep 18, 2016
AOR XB1 Assist 2 League - Season 17
Driver Introduction Thread

Hey and welcome to the AOR F1 Leagues!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!


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Mar 23, 2019
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)so my name is John Madden im 28,irish and i use the trustmaster tmx racing wheel and pedals,
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?new to online racing and this is the first time i have raced with a wheel
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?hoping to be middle of the pack as this is the first time in an online league and build from there,definatly want a podium and just be competitive after that.
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Aug 30, 2018
im Carl I’m 26 English and use a pad.
I raced in season 16 and surprised myself with how well I did getting 2 podiums in my first league racing season finishing 7th in the championship
Would love to challenge for the title this season and hopefully get a win and be consistently high in the points
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Mar 2, 2019
My name is Enrik I'm 18 years old and I'm using a pad.
I raced the last 3 races in Season 16 to get some experience, but this will be my first complete season.
I hope that i'll be able to fight in the upper midfield and if the top guys fail some race even to get a win.


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Mar 26, 2019
Hi, I’m Kai, I’m 16 from England and I race with a controller.
Not gonna lie, I have never done league racing but have played F1 games for a very long time and know how to race cleanly.
At this moment in time I’m not looking to be winning things for my first season but looking to get many points on the board.


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Apr 6, 2019
Hi lads, I'm Brad, 23 from Manchester, England. Currently racing with a pad, might be getting a wheel at some point during the season.

Zero experience in league racing, have always been a clean racer though. Always been competitive since my CoD MW2 days, so am happy to be racing on AOR which is a massive step up in competition compared to matchmaking online, not to mention a lot cleaner.

First season so being competitive would be great, maybe build some rivalries, the dream would be a podium finish.

I look forward to racing with you all this season. :)
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Sep 8, 2018
Hey up I’m Tony from God’s own country (Yorkshire) raced in season 16 had the worst season ever finishing 12th but didn’t finish many races so hoping to finish all races and be right up there fighting for race wins and podiums
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