PS4 - AOR S18 F5 - Round 1 - Australia - 11/8/19 @8PM UK |

PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 1 - Australia - 11/8/19 @8PM UK


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Oct 15, 2017
Qualified 9th with a lap that should’ve been a banker time and was at least 3 tenths of what I had been doing.

Finished 10th after a solid start and a pretty solid race running in what would’ve been a net P6 before the incident with @Bankai_Bullett which he has since accepted he was at fault for. Ultimately a solid start but I don’t expect to be pushing for podiums like I could last season in F5 based on @AERO_Cobra saying his 20.1 was 3 tenths off what he should’ve done. Gonna be a long season.

Video is below:



S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
A little bit late with this so apologies for that, but thanks if anyone does return to the thread and reads it!

I was busy during the month of August. In all honesty, I was trying to get all the DLC trophies that were made available for free for The Last of Us, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 due to their servers closing on September 3rd. (I succeeded.) So while I did do a little bit of practice for the races in August, it wasn't as much as I usually would have done. So with that being said, here's how my opening race went!

Qualifying - P7
As with every first race of a new season, I always take it as it comes, seeing how I stack up against everyone and hope for the best.

Started the session with a few laps on the Hard tyre which didn't go well... Invalidated the first lap at T2 and invalidated the second one at the fast chicane. Then finally on the third lap, I successfully set a time!

Pitted for Softs to set a time which was going well until I didn't take the fast chicane very well. On my final lap, I went through there much better and gained around 3-4 tenths just there alone, crossing the line with a 1:20.654 to claim P7. Pretty satisfied with that and being in the top 10!

Race - P6
Got a good start and was able to pass @Zaack around the outside of T1 and pass @maxou13-12 at T2 who almost lost the car, allowing me to get into P5 instantly. VSC came out later in the lap and the restart happened in an unfortunate place going through T4 that I couldn't attack @Hamres22 ahead. Not only that but going through T5 I almost lost the car. I did have some overheating issues on the Soft tyre but was able to maintain position and stay close to Hamres ahead. From Lap 4, Zack started to attack me, first at T13 and then the next lap at T11 which I was able to just hold on. Lap 8 and I was coming in to pit, but Zack finally got me at T13 around the outside. I had questioned about doing the Soft to Medium strategy but in the end, decided to play it safe and pit for the Hard tyre.

I came out in P10 but, this is where the race got a little disappointing... I had been able to keep up with @Hamres22 in the first stint, but on the Hard tyre I was just nowhere. Before that became clear, I actually got overcut by @Zaack who pitted on Lap 9 for the Medium tyre. So I knew he'd have the pace advantage and hoped I'd be able to fight back later in the race, but it never happened. As I started to drop back, @Hasnain started to close in on me who had also pitted for the Medium tyre and overtook me on Lap 13 down at T1. I was now down in P9 at this point. As Hasnain drove off, I started to see @TheTubbyNinja closing in on me...

@TheTubbyNinja would then remain on my rear for a whole bunch of laps, keeping me under pressure. On a side note, I'm not sure if it was a glitch or not, but the McLaren engine was making a really weird noise which was annoying haha. Definitely didn't sound right but I digress. Then at the end of Lap 23. Bam! Fastest Lap: @Bankai_Bullett. I remember thinking where the hell did that come from? Looked at the minimap, he was heading straight towards TubbyNinja and I... Great... haha!
He was quite a bit away from us crossing the line, but I made a mistake at the turning in point for T4 and went on the grass, costing TubbyNinja and I time... and there Bankai was, right on the back of us.

I was in P6 at this point and just wanted to see that chequered flag haha. I had been able to hold off @TheTubbyNinja for what was now at least 10 laps, but now had to contend with @Bankai_Bullett. I was hoping they'd battle which would let me slip away, but it wasn't until Lap 26 they did and then all of a sudden, yellow flags appeared. Looked at the minimap and saw they had both crashed at the fast chicane! Instantly the pressure was off and I could finally relax a bit! From there, I drove to the end to claim P6!

A satisfying race result mainly, with a good qualifying to qualify in the top 10 and then to finish the race by gaining a position. I was just disappointed with how the Hard stint went. It just wasn't going my way and remember I mentioned @Hamres22? I ended up finishing 12 seconds behind them. (15 seconds if you take off penalties.) So it wasn't great but I was glad to hold onto P6 after the pressure from @TheTubbyNinja and @Bankai_Bullett. Also a shoutout to @Zaack for the battle we had!
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