AOR Season 14 - Pre-Season Driver Briefing |

AOR Season 14 - Pre-Season Driver Briefing


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Jan 12, 2014
AOR F1 2017 Season 14 - Pre-Season Driver Briefing


Hey all!

As the first round of AOR league races on F1 2017 is right around the corner, I hope you're all excited for the season ahead! The interest for league racing on this game has been absolutely extreme, and sign-up numbers for the leagues are by far the highest they've ever been in 14 seasons of AOR on F1. I mean, 29 leagues across the 3 platforms - that's insane!

It's awesome to see the interest and enthusiasm for league racing being so high, as I'm sure we can all agree that this is the best way to be racing online on a game like this, rather than be pointlessly messing about in sprint mode! I have no doubts that you will all get to experience some good racing throughout this season, but despite that, there are two things that are important to keep in mind:

1. There are 20 drivers in your league, and there are only 10 drivers who can score points in each race. This means half of the grid will leave each race with nothing - and you have to accept that on occasion you will probably end up as one of those (there's a 50% chance after all)! All drivers who take part in these leagues are competitive and want to get the best result they can in each race, so a good advice from me is to try to be realistic with your expectations and limit them to your level relative to your competitors. While we all want to win, some of us will have to settle for goals such as just getting into the points, or even just getting closer to the points positions if you find yourself towards the back of the pack. Try to improve and if you manage to do so then you can adjust your expectations accordingly.

2. F1 2017 is a game, and while it's great in many ways, it's not perfect - especially online. So we all have to accept that at some points during the season you are likely to be affected by some problems that are out of your hands - such as disconnections, glitches, unfair in-game penalties, lag incidents, screen freezes, game crashes, wheel problems, etc (I make this sound very promising don't I? :p). Obviously, we all want to have a nice stable league experience with no issues, but this is part of online racing sometimes, and realistically very few of us will get through the full season without some kind of unfortunate problem that can't be controlled.

So yeah, while we can all dream of a perfect season with lots of wins and problem-free races, it's important to be a bit realistic with it as well :)

The thing you all can control though, is your own driving on track! We've all signed up for "clean and fair" racing, and so it's important that you all do your best to ensure this with the way you race on track. Respect the cars around you, and respect the AOR Rules that you signed up under. If anyone STILL haven't read these rules, then you have to make sure to get that done before you head out on track for qualifying.

Nobody here will want to cause incidents on purpose, but accidents and poor decisions can of course happen, which is why we have the stewards panel, where you can report any incidents you were involved with after the race. With 29 leagues for this season, and a limited amount of stewards/coordinators who do all of this work in their free time, there are likely to be a lot of situations to deal with after each race, so I ask you to please only make stewards enquiries for incidents that are properly serious and clearly a result of poor or dirty driving by another driver - don't make an enquiry for every little nudge that costs you a second.

As for removing unfair in-game penalties, there are set guidelines for what sort of evidence needs to be provided for this to be accepted, which you can find in the penalties section of the rules. Any removal requests without appropriate evidence will be immediately closed.

Finally, remember that you all signed up for a full 20-race season of league racing, so don't give up if things don't work out as you want in the first few races. You may go through spells of back luck or not being as competitive as you want, but keep working on it and the good races usually come eventually. It's fine to miss a few races throughout the season if you have things preventing you from taking part, but in that case it's important that you inform your league's coordinator about this before the race, so that you can be listed as an 'informed no-show' rather than 'uninformed'. No-showing a race uninformed will give you a reprimand, and 3 of those during the season means removal and a place on the blacklist. Everyone involved with the running of the AOR leagues are putting in this work in their free time, purely out of passion for league racing and the community we have here, so the least you can do is to keep us informed if you can't attend a race.

There are probably lots of other things I should point out, but I can't think of them at the moment, so I'll leave it at that for now! Whatever league you have been placed in, I hope that you get to experience some fun and competitive racing this season! And that you will have absolutely no incidents or technical issues whatsoever ;) *rates optimistic*

Best of luck for tonight's season opener - and remember to keep it clean!