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XB1 AOR XB1 F1 2017 Leagues - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 15

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Apr 6, 2018
I took part in the final evaluation race on the 8th

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 2
Qualifying Time: 1:18.753
Finishing Position: 2

Other notes:
[QUALIFYING] Made a mistake into the chicane on my best lap, locked up and lost maybe 2 or 3 tenths, on a better lap i could've gained 4 or 5 tenths, i think due to frame rate and traffic i lost an extra tenth or 2, i didn't go slower than an 18.4 when i was practicing
[RACE] pace on the softs didn't feel great due to being on slightly more worm tires (doing 2 flying laps in quali) after pitting early i got caught up behind slower cars that were 2 stopping, this cost me maybe 2 or 3 tenths a lap as i was running around the 22.6 mark every lap, once i was in clean air i was in the 'dead phase' of the tyres so i could only manage more times around the 22.5 mark, mistakes on lap 15 and 24 cost me time due to locking up and missing the chicane (resulted in warnings) and a silly warning at turn 1 on lap 21 meant i had a penalty, after recovering from the mistake on lap 24 i started to get a better feel for the worn tyres and they had come back to life meaning i could post more respectable lap times of that around the 22.0 and 22.1, fuel saving in the later laps slowed me down until the last lap where i used up all my rich mix to post a 21.9 on 68% worn tyres. i crossed the line in 1st but due to the penalty i finished 2nd



GP2 1st Driver
Aug 30, 2017
Race Director Images:
F1™ 2017 8-4-2018 21_22_28.png
F1™ 2017 8-4-2018 22_12_16.png
F1™ 2017 8-4-2018 22_12_24.png
F1™ 2017 8-4-2018 22_12_29.png
F1™ 2017 8-4-2018 22_13_34.png

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 1
Qualifying Time: 1:18,657
Finishing Position:3
Other notes: On lap 2 I spun down to P10 and overtook 1 person a lap with being p5 on lap 7 and only then in the clear air. at lap 9 I overtook another person so in p4 before pitstops. and was in battles on lap 13. and from lap 22 to 26 I was behind a person on mediums but he still held me up a little. and finished 10 secs behind the leader. (Fastest lap was without max revs.



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May 7, 2017
Race Director Images:

Race Report:
Qualifying time: 1.19.218. Only did one competitive lap. Spun on second lap when up by around 5 tenths at turn 8
Qualifying position: 6th
Finishing position: 4th
Other notes: On laps 1,2 and 3 i had an issue which led to me going off the circuit at turn 8(fast right before DRS zone)
Battled most of race due to being on 2 stop.



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Dec 13, 2016
Qualifying Position: 4th
Qualifying Time: 1:19.031
Finishing Position: 7th

Other notes:
I was setting 1:18’s in time trial before the race but a mix of cautious driving and low frame rate slowed me down slightly in qualifying. I was torn between a one or two stop strategy and went with the two stop. Pitted from 2nd on lap 9 onto mediums and knew I’d made the wrong call. Changed to softs on lap 22 but came out in 7th in the middle of nowhere. Set the fastest lap of the race on lap 24 but realised it wouldn’t be enough to close the gap without a mistake from those ahead of me or their tyres falling off, so I decided to ensure an incident free race and hope for some luck rather than pushing myself into making a mistake.

Spain is one of my slowest tracks which was probably why I plaid it quite safe. I’ll be less cautious with my driving, and bolder with strategies in future races :)



Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 26, 2018
Qualifying Position: 14th
Qualifying Time: 1:23.382
Finishing Position: 13th

Other notes:

Q: I was a little overexcited and I guess that didn’t turn out very well in terms of result. I sat a (for my normal stats) bad quali time as I practiced lap times around 1:21.5xx and couldn’t get better then a 1:23.382 yesterday. P14 and at the back of the pack to start the race.

R: Being at the back of the pack I was a little caution going into the first turn to make sure no to collide with anybody. After turn 3 I crashed into Finnishplayer who spun and was in the middle of the track(I think someone crashed into him also). This gave me a 5 second stop ‘n go.


Then the next 10 laps I was struggling to control my car at turn 7 and seem to cut in in too wide and lost traction, result was a few spins and loosing too much time. After the pit stop I got some momentum back then at that point I let pas a couple of drives due to blue flag situations. In general I moved along the side where I could, just at one point I locked up and almost touched the overtaking car, good thing nothing happened there. Towards the end of the race I could drive in some open air without letting people overtake me. Pitty my tire wear was already high by then.

Spain isn’t one of my favorite track but Australia is! Hope to score a much better result there.


Cinnamon Rage

Formula 3 2nd Driver
Mar 26, 2018
Qualifying Position: 12th
Qualifying Time: 1:20.559 (was going a few tenths quicker on final run but locked brakes end of 2nd DRS straight).
Finishing Position: 10th
Other notes: Replaced notes with a chart of times (exported from RS Dash). Basically was ok but lost time trying to get past RT93 Klaus as mentioned in notes below. Couple of near spins, through my own fault, cost me time.



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