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XB1 AOR XB1 F6 League - Main Thread


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Mar 24, 2017
AOR XB1 F6 League - Season 16
Main Thread

This is the main thread for the AOR XB1 F6 League - here you can chat about anything related to the league!

General Information:

Race Day: Sunday
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar
Results & Standings

League Coordinator(s): @Joshua Germany
Lobby Host: @Joshua Germany
Backup host(s): @Cinnamon Rage

Drivers and Teams:

Drivers and teams will be added here after the car selection process has been completed!

  1. @GlazedGater - Glazedgater - South African - #5
  2. @katherinebwfc - katherninebwfc - English - #12

  1. @Joshua Germany - Vx G3RMO xV - English - #40
  2. @Cinnamon Rage - Cinnamon Rage - Scottish - #88

Red Bull
  1. @ThePsychoNovah - Callum Teasdale - Maltese - #79
  2. @LE Revolution - REV0LUTION 44 - English - #45

Force India
  1. @UndercutF1 - FluffyPillow12 - Scottish - #4

  1. @Bayfield22 - Bayfield22 - English - #22


1. @okaui - okaui - Hungarian - #6

Toro Rosso
  1. @Atul987 - Atul987 - English - #26
  2. @Greg - gjdj93 - English - #93

  1. @CodeZed08 - CodeZed08 - English - #51
  2. @Soggydoughnut - ZzD0uGhNutZz - English - #52

  1. @Kezimodo - Kezimodo - English - #15
  2. @Jack_w - minidude2000 - English - #23

  1. @Joseph Baigent - frobojobo3131 - English - #29
1. @II JOKER II - II JOKER II2121 - English - #19
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May 12, 2015
Hello everyone I'll be your F1 Coordinator for AOR's XB1 F6 Season 16 League. If you have any questions or concerns about anything to do with this league or AOR in general (as i know some of you are new) don't be afraid to inbox me or message me through the league threads. Hope you all have a fun, competitive and clean season.

P.S. It's my first season as an F1 Coordinator so go easy on me ;)

@UndercutF1 @DIEHARD24FAN24 @Kezimodo @LCR Apex @mightydylan3224 @Cinnamon Rage @Bayfield22 @okaui @GlazedGater @Jack_w @JordanMcGonigal @katherinebwfc @Muqah @KGaacuu96 @Greg @xXxBosscookieXx @CodeZed08 @Soggydoughnut @MMN Revolution @II JOKER II


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May 12, 2015


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May 12, 2015
Just to make all drivers aware that there have been some rule changes

@UndercutF1 @DIEHARD24FAN24 @Kezimodo @LCR Apex @mightydylan3224 @Cinnamon Rage @Bayfield22 @okaui @GlazedGater @Jack_w @JordanMcGonigal @katherinebwfc @Muqah @KGaacuu96 @Greg @xXxBosscookieXx @CodeZed08 @Soggydoughnut @LE Revolution @II JOKER II

I want to put emphasis on the 'backup invite'. Once everyone has joined the session I will send everyone one invite that they can use if they disconnect from the session, it is important that you don't accept this before the session starts because I will not send another because the session will have most likely started. Also if you disconnect again I will not be able to send another invite because I will be racing or deep in a barrier.

● If a driver loses connection during qualifying or the race, they are allowed to rejoin the lobby through a pre-session backup invite if they have one available, or via a fresh invite from a spectator or other driver in the lobby if you are lucky (however please don't spam drivers or coordinators for new invites while they are racing). If you are dropping from the same lobby multiple times due to connection issues, it is however best to stay disconnected. Please only attempt to re-connect once in order to avoid causing unnecessary stress on the lobby. If it doesn't work on the first try then it's tough luck. The lobbies will be kept as 'Invite Only' for now for security reasons and to avoid constant attempts at rejoining which can cause lobby instability or de-syncing.

● If a league is experiencing notable or recurring issues (connection-related or otherwise) caused by drivers rejoining race lobbies, the coordinator(s) reserve the right to ban rejoining from being allowed within that league

4.4 Lobby restarts:

● The lobby may be restarted by the coordinator in the event of a major issue that affects the normal progression of the session(s). This includes mass disconnections (as per section 4.3 above) and the lobby getting stuck on the loading screen before qualifying or between qualifying and the race.

● If the lobby restart happens after the qualifying session has concluded, the new lobby will be set up with only a race session. In this scenario, the 'grid editor' will be used to place the drivers into their correct qualifying positions. All drivers who qualified in the top 10 will have to select the same tyre compound as they used to set their fastest qualifying lap.


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May 12, 2015
Just to let everyone know I've made some alterations to some people's nationality's on the F6 League Table. Feel free to let me know if I've got yours wrong and I'll change it right away.


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Aug 11, 2017
Super late coz my race was so boring. My pace was horrific and the car just felt slow all race
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Apr 2, 2017
Hello guys, I know i have had a bad attendance record as of late, with 2 races being no call no shows, and i sincerely apologize about that. Being in america, i didnt foresee how tricky mod day sunday would be for me early on and should have revised my plans earlier. However, as of round 7 I expect to be here fill time as my usual plans are cleared. I appreciate the patience, and im looking forward to racing with you lot again.
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