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XB1 AOR XB1 F7 League - Main Thread


Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Ok, final placement with a week delay:

@xXMARKELiNXx has joined the league as a main driver driver to take the fina Sauber spot for the remaining races, welcome! :) Your coordinator will be @Joseph Baigent.

Joseph Baigent

F1 Senna Equivalent
Mar 23, 2017
All the standings have now been done. Here are some stats/Awards

Drivers Champion:
@Meks Unseen

Constructors Champion:
Force India @Meks Unseen @davrath

Most Wins:
@Meks Unseen (5)

Most Poles:
@ValiFusilli (7)

Most Fastest Laps
@ValiFusilli (5)

Most Starts:
@Meks Unseen @K04 @Joseph Baigent @davrath and @Dan Hawkins (20)

Largest winning margin:
@o Coxon o in Australia (36 seconds)

Number of winners (Not including drivers who have left):
@Meks Unseen @Joseph Baigent @o Coxon o @Jack Badman @MurphysLawl @melvynlennard @K04 @xXMARKELiNXx @ValiFusilli (9)

Number of Polesitters:
@Meks Unseen @Joseph Baigent @ValiFusilli @MurphysLawl @melvynlennard (5)

Most Races Finished:
@BigBadPopperDom (17)

If you have any more that you might want then feel free to ask because I love stats (Apart from in Mathematics, that kind of stats is rubbish)

@Meks Unseen @MurphysLawl @Jack Badman @ValiFusilli @K04 @o Coxon o @melvynlennard @davrath @Neutralizer @Hockeyhead019 @xXMARKELiNXx @SolidOOFT @RoyerTheDestroyer @BigBadPopperDom @Jaakko pikkarainen @Dan Hawkins