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XB1 AOR XB1 GP2 League - Round 7 Canada


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Jan 14, 2014
That was going kind of okay! Just about kept out of danger, managed the first stint with half a red wing quite well, and was just on the cusp of points. But then it massively unravelled within two laps of an incident I had with @Taylor Reynolds. In complete fairness to him he left enough room so I can't complain too much, it was a lot less room than I would have left especially in these conditions, but it was still enough that we shouldn't have made contact. But we did, which was my fault, and it put me in the wall on the outside of the hairpin which inexplicably gave me a 5 second penalty. On the exit of the hairpin I looked down to my controller so I could mute my mic and tell the xbox to take a capture of the incident (mainly so I could get the penalty removed), hadn't got the car sorted yet and oversteered in the wall. Broken front wing. Pitted to fix it, in turn serving my penalty, so that was annoying. Then a lap after I clipped the inside wall in the fast right hander just at the end of sector 1, which threw me into the outside wall and retirement.
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Jun 14, 2015
That was the fucking craziest race I've ever been part of! But we've also seen a prime example of why the SC should not be allowed in the league.
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VBR Dast

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 18, 2016
I'm so angry, it's crazy. Qualified P9, finished last (P14 I think). I was .8 from my PB, not the qualifying. I was quite happy that it rained, I felt really confident on the track, I have the purple lap I think. I was really looking forward for a podium or at least P5. But my hopes went down the cliff quite fast. The start was really special. I built my pace really quickly. In the hairpin, i almost ended someone's race, breaked too late and locked up. After few laps, side by side with vaarzak jr, he squeezed my into the wall and got damage on my wing (light green) so nothing bad. And that's where the sh*tstorm began, safety car out, everything normal, and suddenly huge lag/freeze outta nowhere, crashed into someone and sent me into the wall. I lost half my wing but i stayed out for a couples laps. Few laps after, before the chicane, i touched the grass, lost the backend and got a 5s stop and go penalty for cutting the chicane. And then anitber safety car, when the safety went into the pits, I was to impatient and hit suphrize's rear, lost again my wing. After that finished last, what a great result. Even if my race was horrific, i had good battles with some of you guys, i can't remember sorry, i dont want to think about this race again. But i'm still little happy, i set the fastest lap under rainy conditions. Great race guys, see you in Baku! :)

Taylor Reynolds

F1 Race Winner
Apr 14, 2014
Fuming. First of all great race to everyone there was some great driving on show, I would've congratulated Hayasa on his pace too had he not PUNTED ME INTO NEXT WEEK ON THE FINAL LAP WHEN I WAS LEADING:shifty::shifty:. Played a great strategy to get me into a race winning position and its gone in the blink of an eye by someones stupid, impatient and idiotic driving. Second of all, sorry @NillisLukins for ruining your race it was unintentional and I thought I'd left more room than it sounds like I did. Last sorry @Smithycity99 it was a lag incident I was a good .5-1 second behind thought you'd lost the rear, I'd had connection issues throughout ever since I disconnected in the lobby before the start. Great race, poor ending. Head held high going into Baku, knowing I have race winning pace.