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PS4 Assists league - Overtake of the season

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 19, 2017

Hi guys, had a bit of an idea whilst at work the other day, i would like you all to upload any clips to Youtube that shows a great overtake from any of the races that we do in Season 14, link all submissions in a post in this thread then i will do a vote system when we approach the end of the season. Also i will make a montage of all the clips for us all to enjoy! i hope we get alot of submissions
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Formula Karter
Sep 17, 2017

Go to 23:15 for 3 overtakes in a couple of corners. Inside of Verstappen at t1 then inside of frako and eller for a double overtake.

Nick Brown

S15 AOR PS4 F6 Champion
Sep 21, 2017
My race start and a great battle with @Golzy (Gonna put all my best overtakes together in one at the end of season if I can work it out on Share Factory)

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