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End of Season message


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Jan 15, 2014
Hey guys,

Another season has been completed under our new name AOR. It has been a great season filled with many twists and turns throughout, with many old and new faces and rivalries. I hope that you all as I have enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you all if not in the same split again but seeing you all compete for the title in the respective split you all put in for season 8. In closing I will leave you with my overview of the season, although I would have liked to compete with the front runners for the title my early pace was not there.

With that I was in the middle of the grid and it showed me how much fun it can be to be overtaking and defending with some of the best. Drivers such as my old team mate ChewyDee a great battle with him for the number one spot in the team, overtaking him at Monaco on the last lap with 2 corners to go stands out as a great moment for me. Kiku our very polite Romanian who has always kept me honest to put the time in to the track to be faster than him some great battles throughout the season too many to pick from. New comers to the league such as Jonny, who had some great drives with his strategy calls and tyre wear getting him some good points and a few fastest laps through the season. Artos picking up his first win in his debut season and pole is a great achievement not many do this so congrats and hope you push on to carry it on to season 8. Hamish, Sorbetto and scotchtape, all showing great pace towards the end of the season will have to look out for you guys in the future. MpRacing also showing a driver who has developed through the season getting his frist pole and podium in his rookie season fighting with the front runners who has a bright future ahead I am sure.

Then to the old heads I would say who have done it before and carry on going. Racers who I had not driven with before but have made new friends and rivalries with. Zomacher, sHX, SilverArrow all showing the greatest skill in driving and helping the new racers know how to drive pure and clean not the sprint race mentality that so many have.

Of course there is also my team mate who although still hurts in my mind is the champion, he keeps showing me how far I need to continue to work at to beat him and I look forward to the challenge every race. Multi you may have lost the championship in the cruelest way but the fact you still acknowledged and took the loss shows a champions mentality. On a positive note we (mainly down to you) still won the Constructors championship maybe we can defend it again who knows.

But with that I must congratulate the champion of Split 2 Season 7, SilverArrow who none the less with great consistency kept up and made a great charge to the title with it seemingly looked like it was a two horse race with Multi and Zomacher. In the end it still proves that there is always a chance.

Thank you all for an amazing few months of racing, enjoy the downtime for now, I hope to see you all again racing in season 8 or in the future.



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Jan 14, 2014
Nicely put, you're such a little sweetheart Beyond. I had a great season, with great laughs, great highs and great lows. Constructors is nice, that's a first! Big congrats to Silver, you kept me honest the whole way through and got the points where it mattered. You may have profited from my bad luck but it doesn't mean you deserve it any less. So congratulations man, I'll be taking it off you next time ;)

This was a fantastic split with next to no controversy, which was a pleasant change. I just hope I see many (if not all) of you guys around next season.

*Tips hat*
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Jan 19, 2014
The feels ;_; It was a great season(even if it was only half a season :p). Unfortunate for me i have my PC issues and that just ruined my race at monaco. I practiced the whole week just for monaco and in the actual race i bluescreened. That pissed me off so hard that i decided to not practice anymore. Since then my "practice" session was the actual qualy :p But i still raced. Just for the fun i have doing this. Im in ARL/AOR since the beginning of season 5 and i would like to thank you the entire League for the great racing! Im definitely racing in season 8. I really hope to see some of you guys again AND i really hope i have my PC fixed when season 8 starts :p If its fixed im gonna practice again and show all of you how to drive! :D Nah, jk. I had some really really nice battling over the season with, for example, mpracing at Spa. But ye, i'd like to thank all of you again!

So long.

See you in Season 8! :thumbsup:
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Jan 26, 2014
this was my first season in AOR and my first experience in terms of league racing. When i joined AOR i was just hoping to have a lot of fun and clean races. In the end i got much more. It was a great experience, i really enjoyed racing with you guys. Everyone here is a kind person, always up for a joke or two. But on the other side you can only find mature drivers who fight for positions but not in an unfair manner, just how it should be.

When the season started i was suprised that i got into split 2 and my goal was pretty low. All i wanted to get where 1-2 points and not finish last. The first 2 races i did really terrible and had some unfortunate incidents, so i ended up outside of the points. After that i started to practice and tried to get some better results, especially since i had a very nice and motivated teammate in mpracing who was always up for some qualifying sessions! And suddenly my results improved. As beyond said, i wasn't the fastest driver, but i had very good tyre management which allowed me too stay out 1 or 2 laps more almost every race and got me several fastest laps of the race in the end. The highlight of my season was definitely the pole position in belgium which showed me that sometimes even my pace was up there. Sadly the race didn't go so well. Afterwards i didn't have the time to practice anymore, even missing out on some races. My performance fell off a little but i was still consistently in the points and most importantly i still had fun. Unfortunately i disconnected in the last race, where i went from last position after the first lap to being close behind beyond/mpracing in 3rd/4th position. All in all i'm really satisfied with my end result and i was looking forward to every league race :)

Shoutouts to maik (mpracing), we had a lot of good chats and practice sessions. We both improved quickly throughout the season and were helping each other wherever we could, just like teammates should! I was very lucky to get a teammate like you for my first season. We'll surely keep in touch! Also beyond, thank you for managing the league so well and for always being a nice guy, joking around on teamspeak and making it a fun place to be at before and after the race. You also had a great pace, only gotta work on your tyrewear a bit (remember red is bad!) :p Huge respect for Multi, you were consistently one of the fastest drivers in our league for sure. Whenever you didn't decide to put on the wrong tyre at your last pitstop, you were almost unstopable (remember primes last longer than options!) :p Also like beyond you were always one of the active guys on TS and lightening up the mood. Sadly the championship was decided by your disconnect in the last race, which was an undeserving end for this season. But on the other hand congrats to silver, who picked up some serious pace after the first races and became a top contender for the title, winning it in the end! Zomacher, shx, Kiku, DUC and madify you all were great/fair drivers and it was a pleasure racing with you over the whole season. Same goes for the rather new guys Sorbetto, Artos, Scotchtape, Hamish and Adrenaline. Everyone of you was up to the pace from the point you joined and all of you were great additions to the league. Last but not least shoutouts to all the drivers who had to leave the league during the season :)

Sadly i have to announce that i won't be participating in the next season. As i said i didn't have the time to practice anymore during the later part of the season and i will be even busier from the next week on (i won't be able to make a fixed date every week). What i would like to ask for though is a spot as a reserve driver, so that i can join a race whenever i find the time and the lobby is not full yet. I can't promise that i'll make a lot of races, but it would be cool if that would still be possible. Also i hope to be able to make a comeback as a full time driver in season 9 if everything works out.

Other than that, good luck to everyone in the next season!

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Jan 15, 2014
I want to thank everyone in split 2 for this great season. It's been the most craziest season I've ever been in.

Congratulations to Silver for working his way all the way up. You worked really hard for this title and you really deserve it.
I feel sad for Multi as I think he was the fastest one but he lost due to some wrong decisions and bad luck.
I lost the title even before the season has begun with my easy approach that now I only want to have some fun.

Big thanks for Beyond for the organisation.

I really enjoyed being here and I hope that next season we can continue with all the great guys I've met here. :)
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Jan 19, 2014
So, I thought I'd have a go at being all soppy...

Even though my season 7 was only 4 1/2 races, I still had a huge amount of fun and learned so much from you guys; the standard here is just insane.

Firstly I want to give my condolences to Multi21, losing out on the championship in the final race, really bad luck. I think our reactions in the race give testament to how popular you are amongst us and how unfair it really was. Still, it can't be changed and there can only be one winner, leading me on to congratulate SilverArrow33.

Silver is ice-cool and consistent every time I race him, and although sometimes not quite the fastest guy on the track, always brings home a good result. Perhaps, then, amidst all this bad luck for Multi, Silver had to be the one to pounce and take what was a rather bittersweet title going into the last race. Huge congratulations to him for sticking with Multi throughout the season so he could be there to clinch it at the end, and it looks to be an excellent fight going into season 8; lets see if he can defend it.

Other big names this season include Beyond and Zomacher, both first rate drivers and always fighting for podiums in any race they go to. I really hope (if the splits are the same or similar) that they can both challenge for the title next season, as they definitely deserve it.

Also, a massive thank you to; mpracing, Jonny, Hamish, SHX, Kiku, DUC, Scotchtape, mwmadify, and Sorbetto for some fantastic races and battles both in the races and in practice, you guys definitely live up to the 'clean, fair, and competitive online racing' AOR motto. I hope that next season will be even better now that I've gained confidence and found some pace.

My season (if you could call it that) had it's ups and downs, the issue with my pedals in India being the low point; the pole+win in Brazil the high. Altogether though, I couldn't have asked for a better standard of driving, or more competitive racing, or some more dramatic moments, because it's all right here from the first time I accepted that little 'Beyond has invited you to play: F1 2013' steam message. That was probably the highlight of my 2014 year so far, getting into AOR, sad I know, but it really was a moment of accomplishment that I felt when I found out. Even if it is just a badly executed F1 arcade game, the underlying aspects of what makes great racing are all there, and I'd bet that we could all play anything and still make it thrilling to participate and spectate, as it was prior to late February 2014 when I was only some nobody watching Alex Gillon on youtube. Now look... I might just be starting to become a somebody.

Thanks again to AOR for a great few weeks, and here's to lots more. :)
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