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PC F1 2017 Race with the Split 3 league from Season 13

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Jul 15, 2017
Hello everyone! I've really missed racing against you guys, so i came up with the idea of doing a race all together under all the F1 2016 AOR Season 13 PC Split 3 drivers :)

@Jipper @Meireloso @Metten @H_pro1 @KurvZ @trumpa94 @Ely' @fraguitar89 @Craigieboy @Clint58 @ChineseWeiner @TheKillSwitchh @Punisher @R.A.J. @CH34TER @Dazzy Oz @Scott_Aitchison @ChokDK @Footyad24 @Ludvig_Petersson @Jirko90

Race should run the AOR League settings. (Short Quali, 50% race etc)
Also it would be nice if we could all use our League cars from that season. Sadly we don't have Manor in the game so if at least 2 people can't race that's not really an issue, so the Manor drivers can go in a car which is not being used then. (But then on the F1 2017 game)

Let me know if you're interested! :)
(Also i didn't know where to post this so i just did it in the Main Split 3 forum)