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F1: Round 10 - Italian Grand Prix [02/02/14 - 9:00pm]

Jan 13, 2014
Was pleased to start 9th after a poor quali lap and very surprised to see that limitless was behind me. As for the start i got a good get away and benefited from the first corner collisions. I had Minty spin in front of me and i tried to avoid him the best i could. Going into turn 3 i was 4th but limitless soon got passed but i managed to stay under the tow for the first stint although i was struggling to keep it on the track for the last lap on my options and i then pitted on lap 7 for primes.

Throughout the race i was trying not to battle too hard because i wanted my 2 stop to work so my tactics were to sit in the slipstream and save fuel for the end. I'd managed to stay with a group until my second and final stop on lap 17 were i came out in 8th but once people had pitted again i was up to 6th. My team mate made a mistake on lap 25 so i managed to get infront and stay there until the end, meaning i finished 5th.

So yeah pretty chuffed with that result. I'm hoping we do go to Singapore as it's one of my favourite tracks.

Highlights will be up tomorrow.

TRL Limitless

Somehow Still Not AOR F1 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Qualifying for me was a bit of a disaster as I bottled every single option lap I tried to do! Therefore I decided to risk it and go on the primes for a 2 stop option strategy. Didn't really have the best of primes lap either, therefore started 10th.

Got a great start and managed to avoid the carnage that happened in T1. By the end of the 1st lap I managed to get myself into 5th and soon into 4th by slip streaming SE. For the rest of the stint I had SE right on my gearbox, but luckily he didn't make any moves so I kept the position. Caught upto Mcauley and made slight contact with him going into ascari, he kept the position but I lost a place to Mazy as a result of it. After the stops I came out ahead of the group and found myself somehow in a net second place. From there to the finish I had a great battle with Martin that saw me just about hold it to the finish!

Overall a enjoyable race for a track I'm very glad to see the back of! Well done Noble and also Martin for some great racing, very unlucky mate at the end as you deserved a podium at the very least : | Good job with a Torro Rosso 2 - 3 on the podium aswel! Not looking forward to Korea that much as it's not a great track of mine, but once we get to Suzuka, that is probably my favourite track on the game, I will be looking to keep up some good points! Cheers for the racing and see you next week :)
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Jan 13, 2014
Very pleased with quali hooking up an almost perfect lap without going of the track even slightly but I was surprised to be on the 3rd row with what became my best qualifying for 5 months in AOR when Matt's game failed to load!

Was pretty nervous about turn 1 being so far up the grid so I took it very cautiously, mazy hit someone ahead and that created a gap so I went down the inside but he tried to make the corner and that caused minty who was on my outside to avoid him and I was on the inside of them both so there was inevitably contact and unfortunately minty spun out with the sidepod glitch. I thought it wasn't my fault so that's why I didn't wait but mazy hit off the leaders then caused me and minty to lose positions and he didn't wait so I'll be putting up a stewards enquiry shortly after this post.

After that I stayed with the massive train in 8th or 9th but stayed out 1 lap later than most around me so when I pitted on lap 6 I found I had lost touch with the big pack so I used all my fuel then to try and catch up which didn't really work but after my 2nd stop on lap 16 I was with fisi, rickey and mazy after an incident with fisi and rickey which I went straight through the middle of luckily. There was some great racing until the end, fisi got past me again but he caught mazy and they started battling so me and rickey could catch up. It came down to the last lap when all 3 of us had DRS on Fisi, mazy went off at ascari which caused rickey to slow down, who had passed me just before, and I hit rickey in the back but fortunately he didn't lose anything so I held position behind him in 9th with mazy losing out with 2 corners to go.

Overall it was a very enjoyable race, much better than last week. Plus with all these dropouts only 1 person is going to be relegated I think so I have a much better chance of staying up now, see you all in Korea which I've won 2/2 here in the last 2 seasons so I'll be hoping for another good result (not another win although that would be very nice!) :smile:
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TRL Martin

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Jan 13, 2014
ill take a 4th around that god awful track.

Must have had a 4 second lead coming out of the chicane on lap 1 i was hit that hard, surprised i didn't get a penalty for corner cutting. Pretty clear that Mazy missed his braking zone but that's racing. Let noble past and then got a 4 second lag spike. Managed to pick my way through the field up to 3rd behind Limitless. Made contact with him going into ascari, on my screen he was lagging slightly which made things awkward throughout the race but for that particular incident i missed my braking point. Felt i had strong pace but couldn't really pull out a gap when i had the chance due to the OP slipstream. The battling with Limitless allowed Minty the catch up and went up my inside into the last corner,had my left tires on the grass and my right sidepod connected with Minty causing me to have a slight half spin. Didn't know if the side pod glitch had any influence so i just presumed it was a racing incident. But still, good to be competitive at least.


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Jan 14, 2014
Just out of curiosity has the results page glitched or is there a reason I have been placed behind Jason after finishing ahead?


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Jan 12, 2014
RickeeyC;n9926 said:
Just out of curiosity has the results page glitched or is there a reason I have been placed behind Jason after finishing ahead?
Oops, that's my bad - must've looked wrong at the times when removing your penalty!