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PS4 Finnish F1 2016 / 2017 league

Saku Näsman

Junior Karter
Jul 21, 2017
Hi! as i saw there have beem few ppl already posting about making own leagues and that kind of stuff, so i assume its ok, and took the freedom to do so too.

So.. I/we did start a finnish F1 2016 (2017 after release) league 3 weeks ago, and we are looking for more drivers, to have both; assist, and no assist serieses, propably even 3rd serie. Now we found best compromise for mixed league that one assist does 10% discount of your points, if you win and use TC and ABS, you get only 20points etcetc..

We had our 3rd race now yesterday, and got 21 players grid. Our pool is like ~50 players atm, but every1 cant join for personal reasons everyime ofc.

There are some really fast, and also slower people, so your pace does not matter that much. -you just have to be finnish, and drive fair.

in some races we do have 2 commentators, and sometimes, like this GP yesterday, me and few others are just streaming it.

We are going to open our own website and stuff in future, and have commentators for all races in f1 2017.

To get in the league post your PSN alias below, and we will contact you very shortly for sure!

Here's my onboard stream from yesterdays race, we do race every synday.

New facebook page link(our drivers are in closed fb group):

Constructive feedback is always highly appreciated!