FR3.5 - round 2 sprint race kafuffle |

FR3.5 - round 2 sprint race kafuffle

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James Clay

iRacing Coordinator
iRacing Coordinator
Jul 22, 2016
League: Formula Renault 3.5
Date: 27/09/19
Members Involved: me, @Rin Hato, @Erkka Lindstrom, @The Genius
Lap & Corner:
lap 6 t3
Description: I was going through turn 3 and got hit in the rear by Sara albeit desync contact but personally (IMO), I feel she still would've hit me. This caused me to spin and then to avoid being stuck in the middle of the track (I thought I was closer to the inside kerb than I was so I didn't think anyone would try down the inside to avoid) I go to the inside of the track. Unfortunately, this is where waldo hit me and I apologise for that but if I hadn't moved, it is very likely luke barton would've hit me anyway as can be seen by the fact he runs over my tyre tracks after I spin up the wheels so contact was almost unavoidable. Finally, Erkka appears and tries an optimistic dive down the inside into a blind corner and I never got any spotter information as to where he was so I tried to leave space but it was hard since he surprised me so much.




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Erkka Lindstrom

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Premium Member
Dec 8, 2014
First of all sorry for contact, i really thought you will let me go as you took that major hit.. you were basically so much slower in that point so i went inside. It surprised me you fought back on that point. I got understeer there and some weird netcode too, your car spun like been hit in the rear wheel.


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Jan 16, 2014
Sorry about the delay of this. I missed this until last week.

So, for this we have decided to give out a formal warning to @Rin Hato for causing the initial collision. This isn't harsher because there is a decent amount of netcode involved, and it's impossible to say for sure exactly how much contact there would have been without it, but it's clear there would have been some. So a formal warning for coming in quite hot. @James Clay for moving after spin.

We also give a sprint race qualifying ban to @James Clay for moving back to the racing line after spinning. We feel that whilst it was unfortunate to spin, staying where you are is always better as it is more predictable. If another car then hits you if you don't move, it'd be either on them or an unfortunate situation that was unavoidable. It's impossible to predict where someone will go, so holding still is an absolute must in the situation, because once you move and a collision is caused, and the driver approaching is expecting you to stay still, and that point you have instigated the contact. I'm sure you know this as suggested by your reasoning for it.

There is also a sprint race qualifying ban to @Erkka Lindstrom. There is clearly a small amount of netcode involved, but in this situation, coming in that tight to the corner, and with the nature of that corner, you have to come in a bit slower. The point where the contact happened, James was actually a bit off the racing line on the outside and should have been afforded more room. The situation was definitely tricky, with a misunderstanding of what the car ahead was doing, which probably lead to taking slightly more speed into the corner than normal with such a tight angle.

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