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The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
GP2 Grill The Grid w/ @UrBaNz Octane x

Hello everyone, welcome to a new segment on the Press Area, Grill the Grid...if you dont know what this is all about, basically a driver is chosen at random almost each week to test their general knowledge on either their AOR stats and results, or possibly on their teamates etc etc

this weekend heading into the Chinese GP weve picked Mclaren's 2nd driver @UrBaNz Octane x

here were his questions he was asked

1. How many drivers that race in GP2 right now, have raced against you in GT3?

A. 4
B. 7
4. 9

@UrBaNz Octane x : 7! I think!?

Correct, the drivers you have raced against in both GP2 and GT3 are @Finch , @SF Schumri , @The Genius , @JordanMcGonigal , @t3hmightymidg3t , @Smithycity99 & @StubbornGymnast

2. Where was Mclarens last win in GP2 at?

A. Germany
B. Australia
C. Japan

@UrBaNz Octane x : For honda's sake I'm going to say Japan

Correct again, the last Mclaren winner was last season in GP2 when @StubbornGymnast took the victory on Honda's home soil

3. How many current drivers in GP2 (excluding Season 12 have raced in a Mclaren before?

A. 3
B. 6
C. 9

@UrBaNz Octane x : 6?

Yup, those drivers being @StubbornGymnast , @t3hmightymidg3t , @LC SPEED DEMON , @NillisLukins , @Taylor Reynolds & @AOR BiGGzY96

4. Where was your last win in AOR?

A. Sonoma
B. Road America
C. Brands Hatch

@UrBaNz Octane x : Sonoma

Correct, you're 4 from 4

5. True or False?...You've driven a Mclaren in GT3 before?

@UrBaNz Octane x : False

Correct, and as Bon Jovi said...we're halfway there

6. How many seasons have you been teamates with AOR The Genius

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7

@UrBaNz Octane x : I think it's 6

Its actually 5, you've been teamates with him for GP2 Season 12, and GT3 Seasons 2, 3, 4 & 5

7. Where was your teamates last win at?

A. Canada
B. Austria
C. Great Britain

@UrBaNz Octane x : Great Britain just because he loves Britain

You're last teamates win was actually at Austria last season in GP2

8. Where did you qualify on your GT3 debut in Hockenheim

A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd

@UrBaNz Octane x : 1st

Correct, you qualified on pole position

9. Which of these circuits have you been most sucessful at?

A. Sonoma
B. Road America
C. Silverstone

@UrBaNz Octane x : Road America?

You're most successful circuit has actually been Silverstone, you've taken a win, pole positon and fastest lap at Silverstone in GT3, compared to Road America where you have only taken a win and qualified 4th

10. What number does your teamate race with?

A. 4
B. 29
C. 16

@UrBaNz Octane x : 4

Correct, looks like you'be been paying attention to the other half of the garage, @The Genius does race with the number 4

In the end @UrBaNz Octane x scored a total of 7/10

tune in next week where another driver will be picked at random for this

see ya in China everyone

But I want to be a faff to this. 1. Endurance league aswell. 2. My last win were when I secured the title against @StubbornGymnast at Brazil. 3. You should atleast give Adam one more point for this. 4. Give yourself 1 extra point for coming up with this game!

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
Podium interviews will come tomorrow from last week. I have been cold and lonely on the podium for a while now.:(

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014

The interviews are back and no shoie this time unfortunately but 3 guys that have been doing really great Spain when the European part of the season has started. First off we have our winner @Suphrize Meh.

You won the race, very well done, what is the strategy that secured the win today?

Thanks! Well I wasn't hoping for anything special really, but I started on mediums and took them longer than I expected (maybe due to the tyre glitch). But went to hards anyway and got the undercut on the front runners. Didn't think anything of it as I knew I had to pit again but realised my wear was strangely low. So that's when I knew if I looked after them, I Could take them to the end which I did! :D

You started from the back today so you made a lot of overtakes to finish here today, what were the most interesting parts of your race?

The most interesting part was overtaking @AOR BiGGzY96 and jumping @Finch in the pits at the same time, was really a close moment xD

You are a strong driver and next week it is Monaco on the calendar. Are you ready for that challenge?

I think a little more practice is needed but I have decent pace considering I'm on a pad xD I'll be ready.

Finishing behind him we can find @Jorden Bicknell.

Not a win today but second but is second close enough?

I was quite happy with second in the end. As I had a couple of adventures during the race, and Spain is definitely not a favourite of mine. Just happy to at the moment be getting consistent points and podiums.

Finch did interact with techincal difficulties today which means you have been gifted a slight advantage over him going into Monaco, thoughts on that?

Yeah Finch had problems at the last race, but the season is still very young, there is a long way to go yet, a lot is still yet to happen. obviously it's nice to be on top of the championship at the moment. I'm not taking anything for granted though.

Monaco, the crownjewel of the season. Who will win there?

Monaco is by far my weakest track of the year. My money at the moment would be with Biggzy, he seems to have a great feeling for this track. I think he is the man to beat this weekend.

Last man on the podium is @Stratis Ferrari and Greek seems happy...

Podium finish just behind these two guys is not that bad, is it not?

It's a great achievement for me. First ever aor podium on my 5th race is something that I didn't expect before the season started. So,I am very very happy with this podium which also got me up to 6th in the championship and very close to Mercedes in the constructors.

Was this the best race of the season so far?

Definitely the best race of the season and therefore my aor career. Qualifying was great I did one almost perfect lap and the race was almost perfect apart from stupid corner cuts that I did of course with no intention of cutting the corner. A win as the race went on was not on the table which was disappointing but still much better than my previous races and hopefully as the season continues I will have more like this one today.

Spain is famous for its tyrewear, how did you find it today?

The tyre wear was my biggest concern heading into the weekend because the pace was there as shown by my pole position. But I managed my tyres very well going with a good set up for tyre wear and also avoiding lock ups which was good because I was only concentrated on keeping the car on the track with consistency.

See you in a couple of days for the interviews for Monaco.:stig:

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Gossip Week 7

Guess who's back...back again...Gossip Wekks back...tell a friend...im finally back with this...i found it hibernating and getting ready for winter...tsk tsk tsk...bad Gossip Week, you know you have a job to do, anyways...onwards!!

Renault Replacement Inbound?

Freshly baked news coming out of the Renault Garage is that driver @F1Maestro26 is contemplating on leaving the banana on wheels because of his poor results in which he has failed to register a single point in the first 6 rounds, the most likely option for a replacement to partner alongside @JordanMcGonigal is @LC SPEED DEMON having impressed quite a few drivers and team bosses at Monaco, ofcourse other drivers on the cards for the Renault seat are @II OASIS I & @SF Schumri

Monaco Madness

Monaco, as it always has spiced up the field once again, leaving some of the championship runners out of the points, meanwhile some backmarkers had a much better opportunity to score some points, some of these Championship runners such as @Finch was left way down the order than what he had hoped after some altercations with the Toro Rosso driver @Stratis Ferrari along with @Jorden Bicknell down in 6th...and @Suphrize Meh DNF'ing later on, that left @AOR BiGGzY96 to take the win at Moncao, his first since Australia earlier in the season.

well apart from a Swede and a Dutchman hurling insults towards each other i got nothin else to add XD

The Genius

Alex Championship runner-up & 1-time GP2 Champion
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Sep 30, 2014
well apart from a Swede and a Dutchman hurling insults towards each other i got nothin else to add XD
Who are these people?! I tell them to shut up and behave!

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
alright fuckboys listen up, since finch is moving up im taking this place over and taking it back to where it was, ill be taking over finch's position of the race report at the end as well as keeping the gossip week alive...im disbanding the pre race analysis because you're all big boys now, you should know what track were racing at...and finally since Genius is being a faff, im also taking over the podium interviews

the reason behind this, is because i have a lot more free time on my hands compared to both genius and finch, so thats the reason...you dont like it?...tought tits, deal with it

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Round 8 - European Grand Prix


It was @Nicolai Kehlet who took his 1st pole position on the season around the streets of Baku, Azerbaijan with a 1.40.506, not far behind him in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, were championship contenders @Suphrize Meh & @ITz GORD , with the top 3 seperated by just 00.00.064 seconds

Round 8 Quali.PNG


As the lights went out, it was a poor start from @ITz GORD who missed the lights and dropped 2 places, heading into turn 1, it was 3 wide between @ITz GORD , @C0LDH3AD & @Taylor Reynolds , but suddenly @JordanMcGonigal missed his braking point, and dived up the inside of all 3 of them, causing them all to run off track with @ITz GORD losing his front wing. Meanwhile at the front @Nicolai Kehlet lead the race from @Suphrize Meh in 2nd and @Jack Carr Riley in 3rd with @t3hmightymidg3t in 4th.

The first driver to fall victim of the close barriers was @Stratis Ferrari who slammed into the wall at Turn 15, a Virtual Safety Car was called, which had neitralized the field till the end of Lap 3

By lap 4, 5 and 6 the front 4 had bunched up and were abusing the slipstream affect to pull away from the packs further behind, with the lead changing what seemed to be every lap until @Suphrize Meh made an early pitstop of lap 6 to try and undercut the remaining front 3, but had chipped off most of his front wing when @Nicolai Kehlet went up his inside at the fast chicane on the pit straight and fell possibly out of the running for the race

Also on Lap 6 @NillisLukins crashed into the wall at Turn 3, joining @Stratis Ferrari on the sidelines as he too retired early

Just 1 lap later @JordanMcGonigal hit the wall at the fast chicane on the pitstraight, making him the 3rd retirement of the race

The day was to get worse for the Banana Team as newly promoted driver @LC SPEED DEMON crashed at Turn 16, joining his teamate in the garage, and once again no points for Renault, still could be worse...could be a Williams

As the front 3 bunched up again for Round 2 on lap 9, they went 3 wide down the pitstraight with @Nicolai Kehlet peeling off into the pits, leaving @Jack Carr Riley & @t3hmightymidg3t to fight it out for the lead

Later on @Jack Carr Riley pitted at the end of lap 9, and @t3hmightymidg3t followed him a lap later, once the front Super-Soft runners had made their first pitstop this is how the top 5 looked

1st - @AOR BiGGzY96 - Softs
2nd - @C0LDH3AD - Super Softs
3rd - @Nicolai Kehlet - Softs
4th - @t3hmightymidg3t - Softs
5th - @Jack Carr Riley - Mediums

Meanwhile during the confusion of who's where on track, @Smithycity99 's steering became unresponsive and hit the same wall that @JordanMcGonigal hit, we were now down to just 11 drivers

Once @C0LDH3AD and @AOR BiGGzY96 had pitted, we were given our top 3 back, this time with @Nicolai Kehlet leading from a scrapping @t3hmightymidg3t & @Jack Carr Riley

As everyone started to get into a rythm, the drivers had splintered off into small skirmishes along the track, until Lap 15 when @Taylor Reynolds crashed at Turn 3, and we dropped down to just 10 drivers...a Virtual Safety Car was switfly deployed which had neutralized the field yet again, during the VSC @Nicolai Kehlet pitted for a fresh set of Soft tyres and @AOR BiGGzY96 passed @t3hmightymidg3t for the lead as we entered our final 10 laps of the race

Later on during Lap 16 @AOR BiGGzY96 locked up into the castle section and lost most of his front wing, which relinquished the lead to @t3hmightymidg3t whom would hold the race lead till lap when both @Nicolai Kehlet & @Dast passed him on his wearing tyres and low fuel mix, during this @IcemanFR crashed at Turn 18, joining @Smithycity99 & @JordanMcGonigal for the drivers to finish their race there.

As the Haas's pulled away and everyone settled down, there was a charging Red Bull of @ITz GORD hom had worked his way back up the pack and into 4th place, he switfly overtook @t3hmightymidg3t on lap 26

But in the end @Nicolai Kehlet crossed the line to win his first AOR race, @Dast crossed the line in 2nd, but was demoted to 3rd from a time penalty issued during the race, leaving @ITz GORD to take 2nd... @t3hmightymidg3t finishing in 4th and @C0LDH3AD rounding out the top 5... @Suphrize Meh finished in 6th after dropping uot of the race lead from lap 6, @AOR BiGGzY96 finished in 7th, @Jack Carr Riley in 8th & @UrBaNz Octane x finishing a lap down and taking the final points on offer.

Race Results

Round 8 Race.PNG

At the end of the race @Nicolai Kehlet , @Dast , @t3hmightymidg3t & @C0LDH3AD were all taken to the stewards for corner cutting/extending track limits, hopefully the inquiries are resolved soon

Well thats all from Baku

We shall see y'all for the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday ;)


AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Austria Podium Interview

With just a few hours until the British GP, w take a look bak at Austria and how the top 3 faired in the race, as we sat down with @ITz GORD , @Suphrize Meh & @AOR BiGGzY96 for some tea, crumpets and a nice chat

first up was the race winner... @ITz GORD

Congrats on another win, what was going through your mind when you crossed the finish line just 0.076 secs infront of Suphrize Meh

Woah that was close! I was really starting to struggle for pace in the last few laps and I could see the gap coming down. The pressure was really on! But luckily I managed to hang on for what could be a massive win.

What was your reaction when you were DSQ'd in Qualifying?

It was the strangest race weekend I've ever had! I just lost it on the exit of T1 and collected Surprize Meh. I was only trying to find a gap to spin the car but the game didn't like that!

Do you feel you can carry this momentum into Britain, Hungary and Germany?

I hope so! They are three of my favourite tracks of the year. I've always managed to come away with good results so feeling confident.

Finishing in 2nd was @Suphrize Meh

What was your reaction when you crossed the finish line?

Well, frustrated really, I was closing every lap until the end and was basically side by side up to the line, but I'm Happy with the result!

Do you think the extremely early Safety Car played a factor in the finish results?

The Safety car definitely changed things. It helped me after I stupidly lost my wing and helped me get back in the fight.

What do you think the outcome of the race would've been if the rain never came?

I'm not sure really, But I know that me and ITz GORD are very similar pace so it would've been close, But maybe a few others that weren't up there could've been.

Rounding off the podium was @AOR BiGGzY96

1. Congrats on your 3rd podium of the season, what was your reaction when the Safety Car was deployed before Turn 1?

Didnt really have a reaction just got on with it and kept my head in the game

2. How well do you think you coped with the rain?

Im not quick in the rain normally so its nice that i could keep up with everyone apart from gord and suprise meh of course xD

3. With your 4th place firmly secured, will you be setting your sights on 3rd place, or keeping the 4th place?

Always aim higher otherwise your chances of succeding are slimmer xD


Reigning AOR XB1 GP2 Champion
Nov 17, 2014
Alright lads!

Welcome to another edition of Grill The Grid this time its @t3hmightymidg3t answering the questions!

1. In season 9 F4 who was the only driver to finish every race?

A. Lunarz xEclipse
B. RealJewell766
C. BlueAsedGibbon

@t3hmightymidg3t: C


2. In season 9.5 League 2 how many different winners was there?

A. 7
B. 2
C. 4

@t3hmightymidg3t: B

Incorrect! The right answer was C (4 winners)

3. In season 12 GP2 what is the average attendance per race?

A. 20
B. 18
C. 17

@t3hmightymidg3t: B


4. In your first AOR race in season 7a where did you finish?


@t3hmightymidg3t: A


5. In the 1990 Formula 1 season who drove for your team Ferrari?

A. Prost & Mansell
B. Mansell & Berger
C. Prost & Alesi

@t3hmightymidg3t: C

Incorrect! The correct answer is A Prost and Mansell

6. In Formula 1 history how many fastest laps do Ferrari have?

A. 236
B. 253
C. 197

@t3hmightymidg3t: A


7. In season 9.5 how many times did you finish 2nd?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2

@t3hmightymidg3t: A


8. In season 9 F4 which driver had the highest average points per race?

A. Blue Smurf FTW
C. NRT Cosmos

@t3hmightymidg3t: B


9. In season 8 F5 where did your team Ferrari finish in the constructors championship?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 5

@t3hmightymidg3t: A

Incorrect! Ferrari finished 3rd behind Williams and Lotus

10. In the season 11 Austrian GP where did you finish?

A. 7
B. 9
C. 6

@t3hmightymidg3t: A


So @t3hmightymidg3t finished with a score of 7/10

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Grill The Grid!

We will be back soon where another driver is gunna get a grilling!



AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
im sorry everyone to the lack of support that ive given to this and not staying true to my word, this is because it has been the last few weeks of my 1st college semester that has only finished this wednesday

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Heyyyyy...looks who's finally decided to stop procrastinating and actually do something with their life...not me


Welcome back everyone to the Podium Interviews, where since its Race Day and someone wanted to be a complete faff and wait till the day of the racet to post their answers, this has been delayed, anyways...lets take a look back at the top 3 from Italy

Finishing a surprisng 1st place was @CRMR11

Congrats on your first win, no less as a reserve driver, what was your reaction when you crossed the line?

@CRMR11 : I couldn't quite believe it to be honest..never expected that result at all considering where I started. Didn't really think I had the pace looking at the qualifying results.

With that performance do you think you will be elevated to a full time driver?

@CRMR11 : I hope I do get a chance to be a full driver soon, would be a really good opportunity and I would love to race every week.

How are you feeling heading into Singapore?...and the other remaining races?

@CRMR11 : I personally think Singapore is one of my weaker tracks, so will be pushing hard and see where I end up! After Singapore, I do like Mexico and Brazil, so would hope for a good result round those tracks.


Finishing in 2nd was @ITz GORD

1. What was your reaction and feeling heading into Italy, knowing that Suphrize Meh was dropped from 1st to 11th after Belgium?

@ITz GORD : I just had to block that out of my mind I can only focus on the situations I have control of and that's just maximising the next race.

2. with you now having a 50+ point gap to 2nd place, what will you course of action be, heading into the remaining rounds?

@ITz GORD : I'm just taking it race by race as it can all turn around so quickly.

3. How are you feeling heeading into Singapore?

@ITz GORD : It's safe to say it's not my favourite track of the year! But I'll give it 100% and see where we end up Sunday night.


Rounding out the podium after his penalty removal was @The Genius

1. Congrats on your first podium since Canada...how do you feel?

@The Genius : It feels great, it has been a while since Canada and it feels good being back on the podium again and to beat my team mate Adam there in the end.

2. you seem to be in a somewhat, close rivalry with your teamate...care to share your thoughts on the matter?

@The Genius : Adam is not only my team mate, he is also my friend and we fight like friends do so obviously we fight over who is going to win within Mclaren here. I have to say though there is no back-stabbing here or anything and we have a healthy relationship within the team. But I have to say regardless of positions here 3rd and 4th here was amazing for the team!

3. How are you feeling heading into Singapore?

@The Genius : Afraid of the dark. But I am ready for the challenge! Hopefully Adam and I can have a battle again and that I can pull away in the standing from him.


I do hope to bring more of these in the future, hopefully for Malaysia, but until then enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix and the break week to follow

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Podium Interview - Singapore

Welcome back everyone, i hope you all enjoyed the break week as much as i did, since it feels so long ago, lets have a little chat with our top 3 from Singapore

Finishing in 1st was @CRMR11

1. How do you feel the race went, and do you think the results swayed a little in your favour once you crossed the line?

@CRMR11 : I think the race went quite smooth for me, didn't get into any real battles as I started on the softs. Of course at the end I wasnt expecting to get the win, so was very happy with it! It definitely helped me with the fact I had no penalties.

2. What was your reaction when the safety car came out in the latter stages of the race?

@CRMR11 : To be honest I was quite annoyed, as I had around a 5 second gap to the guys behind. It also meant that the guys behind at the restart were on fresher tyres, so didn't have much to fight with.

3. How do you feel heading in Malaysia?

@CRMR11 : It's a good track, which can bring some mixed conditions and some close racing, so looking forward to it.


Finishing in 2nd was @t3hmightymidg3t

1. How did you feel about losing the win after the race?

@t3hmightymidg3t : Obviously i feel quite annoyed at the fact that i lost my first win of the season, but i atleast have to look at the positives i had my best result of the season so far, and ive closed a massive gap down to the top 4, which im hoping to be amongst around Malaysia and Japan

2. How did you feel when the safety car came out?

@t3hmightymidg3t : Reagrding the first one, i was quite happy with it, because it meant that i could keep @ITz GORD & @Suphrize Meh in my sights, with regards to the 2nd one it was a blessing in disguise as it gave me a shot of the win

3. How are you feeling going into Malaysia? What are you aiming for?

@t3hmightymidg3t : Im really hoping for some rain in the race just to spice things up a bit, anything less than 5th place will be a dissapointment


Rounding of the top 3 was @UrBaNz Octane x

1. Congrats on you best finish of the season so far, and your first podium, how do you feel?

@UrBaNz Octane x : Feels great to be on the podium in the f1 leagues. I came close early on in the season and again recently until genius had a penaulty removed. Finally getting one on the board is a relief and hopefully more will come in the final few rounds of the season.

2. Do you think the safety car played into your hands?

@UrBaNz Octane x : Yes the safety car definitely helped. It was a good strategy from genius to get us the track position with newish tires. Luckily the others behind started battling so I was able to hold on to 3rd.

3. What are your thoughts on Malaysia?

@UrBaNz Octane x : Not the worlds biggest fan of Malaysia but it has a few good overtaking opportunities so should make for some interesting racing.