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GP2 Thurs Main Thread

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
The Real Moaner;n6764 said:
39:24 with a Fastest Lap of a 23:6 in an offline 50% with the Ferrari.

How much off the pace is that?

I got a 39.01 with a fastest lap of 1.22.691 in an offline 50pc with a Mercedes Craig. Quali for this was 1.21.8.
I'm not keen on this track so won't be doing so much practice for it!


AOR PS4 Ginetta G40 Jr Pro Champion
Jan 14, 2014
My pb so far hotlap is 1.21.7 Online, Not sure if I have optimal set up yet.
not tried race pace yet over 50%

The Real Moaner

F1 Champion
Jan 14, 2014
It's an interesting track for tyre wear - at least offline.

I should be able to jump on for a 50% later if anyone is interested. (Although can't spend ages online tonight so will likely be 50% and done.)


Ex Super Moderator
Staff member
Jan 13, 2014
Yes woowaa we are racing Hungary,you get 1st choice of ferrari or force india


Jan 20, 2014
one more amazing race i start for p2 i have a calm race until te safety car i take a risk and put the inters but this didnt pay of so ia had to switch again to the full wet after that i push a lot i have a spam with elite sultan its ok happened this **** in this condition no bad feelings an finaly the 4 position looks very nice gongratulations to nico nice strategy i think he put earlier the inters from intetical!!!good race next date at korea