GT3 Car selection limits? |

GT3 Car selection limits?

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Apr 10, 2018
Car selection is always gonna be a big issue, i like the idea of "masking" the car selection to try and limit players following the faster drivers, yet would it make much difference? Over the past couple of the seasons it's the been the same cars on grid, Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini with odd BMW, Porsche etc, some drivers will very rarely try a new car because they don't want to fall behind or put the extra effort in to get better with said car so they stick with whatever is comfortable. I don't think there is a gonna be another patch, since we haven't received once since Ferrari DLC dropped so the GT3 variety is going to stay the way it is until the next Project Cars is released most likely, or if SMS decide to support PC2 with more DLC and patches. Fact is to me it's the racing quality that counts, if the racing standards aren't at their best then worrying about variety is the less important to be concerned over.
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