PS4 - GT3 Elite - Season 8 - Round 1 - Imola GP - 08/11/17 - 8pm UK-time |

PS4 GT3 Elite - Season 8 - Round 1 - Imola GP - 08/11/17 - 8pm UK-time


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Oct 24, 2017
Hi, after qualifying, I was stuck in the lobby + steering wheel that no longer answered ...
[DOUBLEPOST=1510173096][/DOUBLEPOST]So I could not say ready


AOR PS4 LMP2 TEC Champion
Oct 20, 2015
Just a reminder guys that if your race is over please DO NOT leave the session until the race is over.
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Mar 16, 2017
quali time was probably good enough for semi pro! Had a spin trying to avoid taging an r8 and got hit front and back by 2 other cars. Sorry to the guys who hit me. Ended up with suspension damage front and rear and aero
Race should be re run. Mechanical failures were left on. This is BS..
Thought it was on for the league races and just off for the evaluation?


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Dec 12, 2016
Yeap sure is nice one host pushing me off and putting mechanical failure on think someone else should be host


2 time AOR PS4 GT3 T1 Champion
Jul 17, 2016
Q: 1
R: DNF..

Good qually lap.

Orginally saw @C-FOGARTY post saying there off. Didn’t see Yabba’s saying there on... so my engine slowly died for 20 laps.
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2 time AOR PS4 GT3 T1 Champion
Jul 17, 2016
Yes and YabbaTheHutt confirmed different after my post and sent us in the right direction for Lobby settings. (y)
Yes I know thats what I said. Unfortunately I never read what Yabba posted. Well with the way points system is gunna have to wait till season 9 for another championship shot.


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Apr 13, 2017
Qualifying: P11
Race: DNF

After a terrible qualifying session (when practising i was 1.5 sec faster) I gained a couple of places and was now in 5th and battling for 3rd! But than i got a little to close to @KungJarnix so the dirty air hit me and i slightly clipped the curb which caused me to spin and to be absolutely murderded by @Carlw1986 when i ended up in the middle of the track:dead:. I'm sorry @Carlw1986, there was absolutely nothing i could do:cry:.

Here is the video of the crash.


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Oct 28, 2017
Qualifying: P3
Race: P6

Made a stupid mistake in corner 8 and slipped, then I hit the wall when I was trying to get back on track and damaged my radiator. :lol::cry::banghead:
I had to pit immediately because my engine was gonna blow :)
Still happy I finished 6 after all.

Had lots of fun.
Kudos to all the organizers, it was a spotless experience!

(I could not save my replay but I streamed it to youtube)