GT3 S9 SEMI-PRO ROUND 8: Zolder - 18.04.18 @8PM |

GT3 S9 SEMI-PRO ROUND 8: Zolder - 18.04.18 @8PM


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Feb 20, 2018
my view m8 sry again my bad
No worries m8 it happens. Before you pass me i spin in that corner so i was slow and you had to go to right side. If I would't spin this wouldn't happen. I call this racing accident. I'm more gentleman driver and this things doesn't upset me. I don't likr drivers who defend their positions with switching from left to right and those who brake too late and then hit you in the back.
In race I block @Prehn several times but eventually I made a mistake and I give him a room to overtake me and that is the right thing to do.
My moto is: win races with pace and not with dirty driving.
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