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PC GT3 T3 Zhuhai - misses braking point

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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Dec 7, 2017
Platform + League: PC, PC2 Tier 3
League Coordinator: @PhantomHamster
Members Involved:
@Pirate @Vapour-Z
He missed his braking point, crashed into me. He then let me pass immediately. However I had to pit for repairs which put me right at the back where I had to fight through all the "traffic" which destroyed any chances of a podium finish for me. I know this isnt a big crash but I had lots of incidents this season so far so youre just the unlucky person to get reported first.


Pro Karter
Mar 24, 2019
This is pretty much my fault at this point, i hadnt adjusted to the slipstream and took my usual braking point and overshot the corner, marco had no way of avoiding me as he was already halfway into the turn as the incident happened, i was also trying to avoid slamming into the back of valla as i noticed he braked a lot earlier than i usually do, i just tried to aim for the gap between marco and the driver in front of him and send myself into the gravel. but i admit it was my mistake not having adjusted because this was the first few laps of the race
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