Initial Information - AOR F1 Leagues - Season 9 |

Initial Information - AOR F1 Leagues - Season 9

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Jan 12, 2014

UPDATE: Sign-ups are a little bit delayed as there's quite a few things to go through ahead of the new season. We hope to get sign-ups going at some point on Monday 20th October.


So as you know, Season 8 of the AOR F1 leagues has come to end with 15 completed leagues across all platforms - X360, PS3 and PC. Some leagues ended on a high with a full grid of drivers whereas other leagues were lacking a bit in numbers towards the end, but either way I hope all those of you who stayed for the entire season saw some good racing and had an enjoyable experience overall.

As you've come to expect from the AOR leagues, with 2-season life cycles per F1 game, this likely marks the end of our official leagues on F1 2013, with Season 9 set to take place on F1 2014, which releases on X360, PS3 and PC meaning the leagues will continue to support these 3 platforms. We are open to the possibility of continuing leagues on F1 2013 if the interest is there, however the main focus will be on F1 2014.

It is difficult to tell at this point what will happen with the leagues beyond Season 9, with Codemasters apparently launching next year's next-gen F1 game at an "earlier point in the F1 season". It's obvious that we want to jump onto the next-gen game with our leagues as soon as we can, but until we have a solid release date for that game, it's impossible for us to make any proper plans for that yet. So the only thing that is certain for now is that we'll have at least one full season of racing on F1 2014.

Initial Season 9 Information:

More detailed info on Season 9 will come over the next 2-3 weeks, but below are a few starting points.

● Season 9 of the official AOR F1 Leagues will take place on F1 2014.

● All league-relevant information (league rules, general information, race calendar, sign-up threads) will be located in this forum for all platforms - instead of each platform having separate sections for these things. This should make things simpler and easier to find, and also make sure that all AOR leagues have the same understanding of the rules.

● Each platform (X360, PS3, PC) will still have individual sign-up sections as there may be some variation in the sign-up processes, based on what seems to work best for each platform. More info on how to sign up will come when the sign-up threads are posted once the F1 2014 game is released (17th October). The main reason sign-ups do not start earlier is that we want the drivers to have tested the game before deciding whether to commit to a full season of racing on it.

● The likely start date for Season 9 is the week of Sunday 9th November, approximately 3 weeks after the game is released. 2nd November is out of the question as the real life US GP would clash with the Sunday night leagues, and earlier than that wouldn't work from an administrative point of view. A full race calendar will be posted in this forum at a later date.

More information will come in the lead-up to the new season. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions with regards to Season 9, feel free to post it below.

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NRT xEclipse

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Sep 2, 2014
I would love to do an F1 2013 league, as I am in the US and we don't get 2014 until I believe October 22 and I don't plan on getting it immediately. So if we could get some people together for a league that would be awesome :D


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Jan 12, 2014
ye, gunna take part in thsi , is this league like Another Apex Racing league?
It's the same F1 leagues and the same community, yeah. The owner of the old ARL website shut it down unexpectedly back in January and AOR is the continuation of it, so to speak.
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LCR Apex

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Jun 15, 2014
Totally pumped for this. Wanna make sure I get the game before it's too late because I wanna race a full season and as far as I know I'm not getting a next gen console. Should be getting the game mid-October so I'm glad we're starting when we are.

Bring on Season 9!
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Oct 1, 2014
As someone who frequently watches the AOR videos, I'd quiet like to try my hand at league racing. However I don't really have any intention of buying F1 2014 so I hope there are still people willing to race on F1 2013, otherwise I'll just wait till F1 2015.


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Jan 29, 2014
Im also getting F1 2014 on PS3 as soon as it comes out in the US here....
So excited for Season 9 !!!!


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Jan 15, 2014
ye, gunna take part in thsi , is this league like Another Apex Racing league?
We were ARL (Apex Racing League), but due to some server payment issues with the old site, we hadto changenames to AOR and build a new site. It is fundamentally Apex Racing League here
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