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League 2 Mazda TC: Main Thread

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Jan 14, 2014

AOR Gran Turismo - Season 11 - GT6 Apex Online Racing Championship

Gran Turismo 6 Season 2 will start on Monday 7th of July and come to an end on 28th July '14.
8 Races over this 4 Week Period
Every Monday Night in July From 8PM

League limit:
There will be a maximum of 12/13 drivers per league, to reduce lag issues that can occur in full lobbies.

NEW MAZDA - AOR GT Points Scoring System:
Feature Pts10080706458403632282420161284


What if I cannot attend every race?
1 Week is missable = 2 drop rounds.

Race Calendar:
WeekTrack Race Length (Laps)Date
1Silverstone NationalRace 1207th July @ 8PM
1Brands Hatch Grand PrixRace 216*Reverse Grid + Top 5 Start On Racing Hards*
2Grand Valley EastRace 11714th July @ 8PM
2Redbull Ring Full (A1)Race 215*Reverse Grid + Top 5 Start On Racing Hards*
3Autumn Ring MiniRace 13021st July @ 8PM
3Nurburgring GP/DRace 216*Reverse Grid + Top 5 Start On Racing Hards*
4Tsukuba CircuitRace 12228th July @ 8PM
4Laguna Seca Mazda RacewayRace 216*Reverse Grid + Top 5 Start On Racing Hards*

Are setups allowed?

No setups are allowed currently.

What assists are allowed?
Tier 1 will run more restricted assists than Tier 2.

Active Steering: Banned
Driving Line: Banned League 1 / Allowed in League 2.
Active Braking: Banned
ABS: Banned
ASM: Banned
TC: Banned

Tuning: Prohibited
Tyre and Fuel Wear: Very Fast
Damage: Weak
Tyre Selection: Racing Hards & Racing Mediums
Slipstream: Real
Grip Reduction: Real
Penalties: Weak
Grid with False Start Check: Yes

*Provisional League Placements*
Tier 1 ( 0/13 Drivers)

Car Regulations:
The cars to be used are
Mazda Roadster Touring Car

Car Details:
Mazda Roadster Touring Car - 167,000 GT Credits
Max Power 214 BHP 471 PP??
Racing Hard Tyres (Standard with the car when bought) & Racing Mediums
No Setup Required for this championship. (Setups Prohibited) Brake Balance can be Changed.

To make the car legal under No Tuning rules, you must not add or change any parts. *Exception is brake balance.*


- Oil change can be done
- You CAN paint the car and the rims!
- Body Rigidity Improvement is also allowed.
- You CAN change the tires.
- You CAN adjust Brake Bias in the setup.
- You MUST use the default setup settings! (the game will not let you on track if you change any settings except Brake Bias)

- Add any additional parts i.e that do not come as standard on the car.
- Change Wheel size up 1 or 2 Inches. (may affect handling for the worse)
- use any other tyre than Racing Hard.
Race Calendar

4 Week Race Championship, comprising of 4 Longer Track Races & 4 Short Track Races.
​This season's Race Calendar will be based on "Some Real Life Tracks"
Race format -
- 10 (room set to 11) minute Qualifying session
- Race One 20 Minutes
(Shorter Tracks)
- Race Two 25 Minutes (Longer Tracks)

- Race One will required ONE pit stop change from Medium to Hard Racing Tyres. (Drivers can Qualify on Hard Tyres as this is the tyre they will Race on
- ***Drivers Can Qualify on Mediums, but must pit during Qualifying to change to Hard Racing Tyres if they want to run Hard Racing Tyres first.***

- Race Two will have reversed grid based on the Race 1 results - Top 5 from Race One Start on Hard Racing Tyres, All Other Drivers Can Use Medium Racing Tyres.
- All Drivers MUST Pit to change to Hard Racing Tyres. Handicapped Drivers CANNOT use Mediums. Disqualification if caught.

Assist Regulations:

- No ABS
- No Traction Control
- Racing Line allowed (League 2 Only)
- Very Fast Tyre Wear
- Setups Prohibited
- Hard & Medium Racing Tyres

League Rules:

All of the league's rules can be found in the RULES & REGULATIONS thread. By signing up to our leagues, you agree to abide by all of our rules, and we expect all drivers to be aware of these before entering.

Our racing rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the leagues. As an AOR driver, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules. In short, this means minimum/no contact, no corner cutting and respect for others regardless of their actions or your own personal feelings.

We also expect that you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

An important thing to remember is that you sign up to the league with the intention of completing the full season, not only a few races. If you have to pull out during the season due to something in your life forcing you to quit, that's fine, but choosing to pull out due to not liking the game anymore or having a bad season will see you placed on the blacklist, meaning you will not be allowed to return for the following season unless you have a very viable excuse.

Joining the Leagues:

Existing drivers: If you have been part of our leagues in previous seasons, you can sign up for a league by posting in this thread following the template found below. If you were part of a league at the end of Season 9, you are guaranteed a place if you sign up at the start of this season's leagues.

We will try to set up the new leagues to make them as competitive as possible, based on each driver's results in the previous season, but as usual we expect that not everyone from the previous season will sign up again, so some adjustments will have to be made aside from the set promotion/relegation system. New or returning drivers may be used to fill "gaps" carried over from the previous season or caused by drivers not signing up again.

New drivers: If you have not previously been part of our leagues, you can sign up for a league by posting in this thread following the template found below, but you will additionally have to complete step 2 of the 'sign-up process' before you are eligible to enter - which involves properly completing 2 social races in order to show us that you are committed to taking part in the league, as well as able to race cleanly and fairly in a proper race environment. It will also help us determine which league(s) you seem quick enough to be joining.
Information on how to complete the sign-up process can be found below.

Once the sign-up process is completed, you will be placed on a waiting list and have to wait until an appropriate league spot opens up. If you're lucky, it might be that a spot is available right away. However if no appropriate league spot is available, you may be assigned to a league as a reserve driver while waiting for a main driver spot to open.

New drivers will normally not be assigned to our top two leagues if applicable, immediately, even if their pace suggests they could. Any open spots in the top leagues will be offered to existing drivers from lower leagues first, as part of our 'fast tracking system' before new drivers may get the offer.

Your Sign Up Agreement:

In signing up, you confirm that you have read the content of the RULES & REGULATIONS thread and accept the rules and regulations specified. I will also respect other drivers in the same way I expect respect from them on and off track, in and outside of the race lobby and on the forum.

League Drivers

*Provisional League Placements*
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