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PC Leaving league

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Apr 7, 2016
So let me summarize:

Nova is ignoring the white lines. Gets reported and punished. As an answer, he puts an inquiry up against Tscharf, unfortunately too late. And now all of a sudden it is AndrexUK fault because he reports people who violating the track limits.

Am I the only one who thinks that is super funny?! :D :D You could really write a book about it, what about "The Sorrows of Young Nova?" - Bestseller potential!

*On a serious note, sad how the league evolved from a super damn awesome Season 4/5 into this whining contest...


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Jan 14, 2014
You aren't a superb moderator how on Earth have you got that status... Must be just a long time on the forum. You do nothing to help just use your admin status to think you're better than everyone else hahahaha

But monkey see monkey do
Yeah that's all I've done the past 5 years, is think I'm better than everyone else, that's just how I've got to this stage..(sarcasm if you can't detect it)..

I'm not gonna waste my time on explaining to you my journey to becoming a Moderator, because guess what, I wrote the story a year ago because I knew this would happen - you can read it here - give it a Like rating on your way out. Thanks very much

I'm not an admin by the way, so get it right :finger:



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Sep 17, 2016
I could tell you were joking...
[DOUBLEPOST=1493413167][/DOUBLEPOST]I never mentioned Andrex at all someone else brought that up


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May 6, 2015
Just so we are clear...

Your evidence of me cutting / extending?
Those screenshots are not me!

My replay:

At the same time stamp (73:37 - the start of my clip), there is a RUF (ironically, it's 'NOVA', but we know it's not! he was probably cutting a different corner!), which is in the same extending position, as per your screenshot.
When you move my car (which will always be right on my own reply!) I' m just coming up to the start line.

Yes, I did extend about 4 or 5 times, and that was raised, and I have a penalty for that! But it's not the car you are posting!
I don't know who that is! But it just goes to show how bad the current situation is!

Please be careful when making accusation!


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Sep 17, 2016
Andrex that is you, i double checked it's your livery and car... and i watched you battle with Ratrug. That's you!!!

Okay so can i say that on Tscharf's replay that wasn't my car? xD
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