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PS4 Mandatory Qualifying Recording Guidelines

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Mar 27, 2017
As one of the top tiers for PS4 AOR F1 Leagues, we have instituted mandatory recording again for this season to make sure everyone plays by the rules, especially in terms of track limits, as this was sometimes a big discussion point in the last seasons.

As you now know, you must record your qualifying lap and upload it to the appropriate thread within 48 hours of the race, rule 2.10.

2.10 Mandatory race recording (PS4 Tier 1 only):

● With the PS4 having the functionality to record for up to an hour directly via the console, we will be implementing mandatory recording for the top tier PS4 F1 league this season, which means that the drivers in this league will have to record and upload their best qualifying lap and FULL race for each round. The footage will need to be posted in the specified thread in the league forum within 2 days (48 hours) after the race.

While the rule still refers to Full Race recording, it has been relaxed to qualifying only, due to the issues of many drivers to upload such a long video. This ruling has been expanded to F2 for Season 14, as it is a system that worked well in the top tier last season.

We have a system of penalties and consequences in place should you fail to upload your qualifying. For the time being your fastest lap in qualifying is to be uploaded in full after each race, a thread will be provided for each individual race for you to place your footage. This must be done within 48 hours after the race has been completed.

  • The first quali you fail to upload will go down as a warning.
  • Should you fail to upload again in the next 3 races you will be given a qualifying ban for the following race.
  • However if you do upload the next 3 rounds you will be taken off the pending qualifying ban list. This initial warning will not be completely forgiven.
  • A qualifying ban is also be awarded for any driver that misses 3 uploads over the course of the season, no matter the spread between the rounds.
  • Should a driver fail to upload within 3 races of taking a Qualifying ban, they will be taken to the stewards for consistent failure to upload, who will have a range of penalties to administer (qualifying ban, disqualification of race, race ban, etc.)
  • A driver who misses their 3rd upload at the final race of the season will be given a post-race time penalty.
  • A driver is allowed to appeal a penalty, if they can prove their was technical issues preventing them from either recording or uploading.
If you have any questions about how to record or change the length of the clip, I suggest you look at this page.

Once you have recorded your race you simply upload it to Youtube and post the link in the dedicated thread for the week. Uploading this as either a public or unlisted video is acceptable. The video must include the last corner of the previous lap and full footage of your fastest lap.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me and I'll help you out with any issues.
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