Modern Championship - Round 4 (Australia) |

Modern Championship - Round 4 (Australia)


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Feb 13, 2017
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Welcome to the fourth round of the DiRT 4 Rally League Season 2, in the Modern Championship!

Stage Information:
Location: Fitzroy, Australia
Date/Time Start: 30/04/18 00:00 GMT
Date/Time End: 06/05/18 23:30 GMT

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Semi-Pro Karter
Dec 30, 2016
I have just finished the Australian event. Very difficult!

On the first two stage I think I have gone strong, but may attention to the quick points that end with closed curves: the notes activate late. Especially at the end of the stage 2: I went along the last bend.
So much fog in the central tests, and then the test 7: water everywhere, out of setup, disastrous.
Finally, a puncture on the power stage will have made me sink into the rankings.


Pro Karter
Mar 26, 2018
I agree with Edwinsimo, I think stage 7 is the worst stage I have have driven, not just in Dirt 4 but in any game, so so difficult to control the car with it aquaplaning everywhere. Dropped serious time in there.


Semi-Pro Karter
Feb 2, 2018
I was planing on completing the rally this weekend but due to moving out into a new house I won't have the time to do it sadly.

Next week should be fine though.


Pro Karter
Dec 10, 2016
Done with my runs. Gravel is my favourite surface so I went in aiming for 2nd place with a couple of stage wins.
First four stages were nothing impressive pace-wise. I made lots of few errors (and a big one) and I was lucky not to drop behind Epileptic. On SS5 I was surprised by my pace and on SS6 I was even faster, but I unfortunately clipped a tiny edge of the bank in a slow corner and Dirt decided it was be enough to flip me over. It's a shame because I think I had the speed to win it. From that point onwards I managed to maintain the good pace. SS7 brought a stage win (unless Iza beats it) and the powerstage was very disappointing as I managed to screw up a slow corner again and fall off the cliff twice within a sector. Despite those crashes, I was just 10 seconds slower than Mirk which probably means I could've -again- won it, had I not made schoolboy errors.

Overall I can't complain with my result. But it's a shame to walk away with just 1 stage win on your favourite rally.


2-Time Reigning DiRT League Champion
Dec 11, 2016
Another crap rally for me, crashed it a few times and climbed some hills I wasn't meant to in the fog and "fog patches" stages. It seems to be a theme for me, can't see more than 5 feet in front from cockpit view with bad notes to top it all off. I don't think I'll be signing up for next season if there is any more fog stages, this game is usually bad enough :rofl:


AOR PC RallyCross S3 Champion
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DiRT Coordinator
Jan 14, 2014
Another rally, another roll on stage 1. Thankfully I was on one and the pace was immense. It was super close throughout the rally with some of the others but I managed to keep the car (mostly) on track. It's a shame the championship is over with the bad result in Wales.