Open title battles heading into Abu Dhabi [S16] |

Open title battles heading into Abu Dhabi [S16]


S16 AOR PC F7 Champion
Aug 17, 2018
Thought it would be nice to show how many leagues were still competing for the WDC before Abu Dhabi.

Points shown are the differences from 1st to 2nd. Every league left had only 2 drivers competing for the title.

PC[13 leagues]:
F7 0points

XB1[8 leagues]:
F2 12points
F5 18points

PS4[9 leagues]:
F4 0points
F3 7points
F7 16points

Oceania[4 leagues]:

America[3 leagues]:
XB1 F1 6points

tl;dr - 30 out of 37 F1 leagues (Assist leagues excluded) had already been decided heading into Round 21.
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