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PS3 - Season 9 - F3 - Hosting

The Real Moaner

F1 Champion
Jan 14, 2014
In order to go racing online, we need to have a host for the races although this does extend beyond offering nice biscuits and a cup of tea.

Having a suitable host should help to minimise lag and enable closer racing which is what we all want.

Therefore, we have a couple of tests that we ask members to complete to assist in selecting the host. There are no prizes for this, so please run the tests as accurately as you can. and then promote your result like this - and then promote your result like this -


F1 Senna Equivalent
Oct 24, 2014
well i can pretty much guarantee that i wont be hosting seeing as im from Canada. i'll test my connection tomorrow around our race time as my internet tends to drop off around 5pm my time


GP2 Test Driver
Mar 23, 2014
From signing up i know i have about 29 ping and 6 jitter but as i am from holland, i dont think i would be suitable as a host


Pro Karter
Aug 31, 2014
ping 24, jitter 6, download 43, upload 17. doesn't make sense to select me as host, i'm liable to be skipping a race here and there, on grounds of uni studies, and not knowing too early when i have to do that :(. committed to the full season though, looking forward to it.
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