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PS4 PS4 Season 8 GT3 Feedback Thread


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Dec 30, 2015

AOR Project CARS GT3 Leagues -Season 8
feedback Thread

As Season 8 comes to and end, It is time to look back and gather some thoughts on what went well and where we could improve the League experience here at AOR for everyone taking part.
This was the first season (Test) were we had to adjust for a whole new game.
Just leave your feedback here :
We will appreciate your feedback and will try to take as much as possible into account for Next season. Thanks.
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Mar 9, 2016
As I said after Monza, I personally enjoyed this season very much. I did not get any disconnects though others did, the only error I have seen was a game crash when choosing a car which happened yesterday and not during the season.

Tracks were good and I realise that we had to include old familiars to be able to test against, but, the new tracks made a change and I would like to see more unusual tracks used.

During the Monza race I thought the track limits penalties worked very well and I personally didn't run foul of them, others did and were penalised.

We did have problems with drivers not knowing the race start procedure! not a fault of the game though, more a lack of drivers not reading the regulations.

Roll on GT3 Season 9.......


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Oct 24, 2017
- Enable driver license, like @Walter---79 said
- New tracks, like @Manx57 said
- Starting a bit earlier (30 minutes or 1 hour), and then a longer qualifying (20 minutes or 30 minutes) and potentially a longer race, to force people to pit stop
- Throw a curve ball in a race or two, with weather transitions from wet to dry (or vice-versa). Also day/night race.


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Feb 27, 2016
In my opinion AOR’S PS4 Project Cars GT3 Season 8 (test) League was very challenging and a lots of fun. My 1st race I got disconnected but, it was because of something on my end not PC2. I took care of that problem and ran the next 5 races with no connection issues. Not saying that PC2 is by no means perfect that’s just my experience and I live across the pond in America.

The race schedule was just fine for the first 3 race’s, they were set to sunny and clear in the afternoon. Then there was R4 Brands Hatch in the rain at night. There we found that if you get out on track ASAP you will have a grip advantage the first 2-3 laps. This is where AOR’s staff came up with a solution a pretty in guineas one, I thought so. To keep things fair and competitive.

The last race Monza had it’s own issues it was to be ran at night (22:00) September 17, Overcast and after patch 3.0 update. During practicing with my online friends the first thing I noticed was a grip issue with my tire choice. This has to be due to the LiveTrack 3.0 track is always evolving. Which I think is really cool. Here is where you needed to make some decisions. Do I run Hard slicks that will last the whole race or Soft slicks and probably have to pit or run hard in front and soft in rear or hard on the left side and soft on the right side you get the picture. Me I ran soft and pitted on lap 21 to change tires. The next issue was track penalties, track limits. Witch I had no problems with and in my opinion worked just fine. I did have some track penalties and I did exactly what was asked of me when I received them. Easy fix, just stay on the track and between the white lines.

Agree with @Manx57 on new tracks
Agree with @Walter---79 on enabling Driving license
Agree with @Phoenix on incorporating pit stops and weather transition but, not with longer qualifying and longer racing I feel that’s a Endurance racing League.

I would like to see mechanical damage turned back on and maybe even make pit errors on. Mechanical damage because, I think that’s part of Sim Racing knowing the limits of your car on different tracks. Some tracks are harder on brakes and some tracks are harder on the motor some tracks both. I think it would add an element of car knowledge. Driving the car with in its Mechanical limits.

Pit errors just because, it’s a throw of the dice. I know some people may not like this but, it is Sim racing. In real race’s there are pit issues and we are trying to simulate a real race . I think it would be cool.

For what it’s worth, those are my thoughts