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PC Quick Poll - Test Race Tonight!

Where/how should tonight's test race take place?

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Nov 24, 2014
Could I suggest that we go back to Pedro's server? We never had problems with that and it was at least consistent. Nothing against dozer and his work, but we just need something that will get us to the end of the season.


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Nov 18, 2014
So what are we going to do next wednesday after mass DSC yesterday?:unsure:
Assetto Corsa? :)
I'm seriously considering to move to PS4 during the year (= right, it is not solution for next week :) ). Btw - http://www.virtualr.net/assetto-corsa-console-release-date-revealed

Edit: DC's were the main reason I have damned the F1 games, don't want to experience it again. For me it's waist of time to practise for the race, which ends with DC. I know, it is unpredictable, but I had no issues back in S1 and S2. In S3, I have experienced the mass DC at Zolder, my wheel ffb not working online 3 times - no matter if it was my good old g27 or recently t300 (PC restart and rejoin is the fix), mass DC at Brands Hatch qualy and my DC during the race.
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May 6, 2015
Had last night been an official race, that would have been 3 out 7 DC's for me. before then, I had 1 DC in Season1, and that just myself. These one's are all Mass DC's!

The DC's are really only happening since Season 3 (hence forth, known as Season DC). Multiplayer was generally stable during S1 / S2 when we were using Pedro's server, so I don't think moving back to that server would really achieve much (no harm in trying I guess, but it might not be a solution). With so many DC's already, I say we may as well carry on with Season DC, and take it as it is - but delay S4 till things ARE stable.

Another option would be to put Season DC on hold, and run fun events on Wed (sticking to about 1 hours race to continue to test for stability, as the DC's normally hit around half race distance).
Mix things up with trying new cars or trying manual rolling starts / Driver Aids / anything else we would think to add into S4...


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Mar 3, 2015
Assetto Corsa? :)
Already have a Assetto Corsa league running with 15 other guys in 2013 DTM cars. :)

Running every Sunday at 20pm (UK time 19pm) and we had the first race this season last Sunday on Nurburgring GP . This Sunday we are running on Imola and people are welcome to join and they are craving for a speed fix and while they are fixing pcars.

We are using custom skins for those who are racing regular.


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