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rFactor - Race Of Champions: Summer Edition


AOR iRacing FR2.0 Season 4 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Dear AOR Members,

Looking back
After a very succesful Assetto Corsa Race of Champions earlier this year during the winter, I promised to come back in the summer with a new edition of the series.

As stated before, the previous ROC went very well and was received incredibly well by both drivers and audience.

For the summer edition of the ROC, we're having a major change: I've decided to swap from Assetto Corsa to rFactor. The reason is that I think we could be more professional compared to last time in both broadcasting and managing a lobby full of drivers.
rFactor will support this better with a custom overlay during the broadcast, a better spectator system, and multiple drivers being able to be in the lobby without any problems.
All in all, I think rFactor will be a step forwards in all directions except for graphics, where Assetto Corsa beats rFactor. Still, rFactor isn't too bad when everything turned up to ultra. On top of that, rFactor supports many good quality mods which is another positive point about the switch.

I can understand any disappointment from drivers who were looking forward in signing up, but don't own rFactor. In case you don't own rFactor, you can buy it on steam for €22,50 at the moment. It's a price worth the game in my opinion, as 95% of the mods are free and trust me, there are some amazing mods in there.

The format of the ROC is yet to be decided, this is going to depend on how many people will sign up. At the moment, we're organising the event at August the 15th and 16th (GROUP STAGES) and August the 17th (KNOCKOUTS/FINALE)
  • August 15th and 16th: Group stages. We will have different groups with 4 drivers in each group. Every driver will race against another driver in that group once. You get one point for a victory, zero points for a defeat. The top 2 of each group advances to the knockout-system explained below. We're having 2 days of group stages because one day might not suit a driver, so he still has the possibility to take part in the event when a driver can't make it to a certain day.
  • August 17th: Knockout rounds. The knockouts are also divided in different rounds. All rounds feature a head-to-head battle with the winner advancing to the next round, until the finale is reached.
Detailed Format
Google Drive document (WIP)

The event is going to be streamed by Justin from BoxBoxBoxGaming (BoxBoxBoxGaming) live, with highlights following later on my YouTube-channel (xOwnage133)

Each driver who signs up for the event must make sure he's/she's available on one of the group stages days (15th OR 16th of August) AND on August the 17th. If you can't make it, don't sign up. Simple as that. If you can only race at a later time during one of the days, we will try to fill you in a group which starts later. Obviously, I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try my best.
During the event, the stewards will check your laps for any collisions with the wall. Every time you hit a wall, there will be 2seconds added to your final time. There are no warnings.
When you spun, and you're facing the wrong way, you can turn around using the walls to your advantage. This will not count as a penalty. Only when you hit the wall which caused you to spin or you hit the wall while you spin will cause a penalty. Not recovering your car itself.
During the events we have certain rules / formats we will use:
  • During the groupstages, a whole group (consisting of 4 drivers) joins the server as a driver. I will let drivers know when they can join on the TeamSpeak-server.
  • Make sure you've warmed yourself up before the actual event. The only time you get to warm yourself up in the server, is when we are in front of schedule (most likely not), and during the formation lap.
  • As mentioned above, we will run a formation lap. This means you do 2 laps (one outside, one inside lane), and park your car in the marked red box.
  • During the start launch control is NOT allowed. Using launch control = DQ
  • The server uses clutch assistance only.
Finally, please respect everyone who is racing and please respect the stewards.

Address: alexgillon.com (Credits to Alex)
Password: ROC2015

Server will get updated. It currently runs using Race of Champions 2015: Summer Edition with the Ariel Atom V8 mod which can be found in the Google Drive Document.
Direct IP:
Password: ROC2015


ROC Summer Edition 2015 V1.0
Installation: Extract in rFactor directory/installation folder.

Track Changelog
  • Changed road texture
  • Added logo's on walls
  • Redone wall textures
  • Changed textures on bridge
  • Changed bridge texture at start/finish
  • Changed grass texture
  • Added kerb stones texture to corners
  • Removed some advertisements from walls
  • Redone loading screen
  • Redone some textures to make them look better
  • Updated posters on the wall in the pitlane
  • Updated track information for the event
  • Added banners around the track
Group stages (Round 1) - Ariel Atom V8
: Go to rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\Ariel_Atom_V8 and open up MultiplayerVehicle.scn with notepad. In there, there is a line which is referring to a Radical SR3 car. Obviously wrong. The line called 'SearchPath' needs to be changed to: SearchPath=GameData\Vehicles\Ariel_Atom_V8

Knockouts (Rounds 2, 3 and 4) - EWOR Evolution | V8 Factor Unleashed | Formula Ford 1973 | DRM Revival | CART Factor | Grand Prix 1979 | Nissan R34
Finale (Round 5) - WSC70

Steam Community
This is NOT mandatory but is RECOMMENDED to provide more information on the event. Please, when you are part of the 2015 Summer ROC, join this Steam group:

Finally, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
At the moment, I will have 32 slots available. If those slots are filled up quickly, I am willing to open up more slots for more drivers.
When signing up, please let me know what day suits you best for the group stages.
Please, invite other people to this event as well. The more people, the more fun it will be! Thank you!

Confirmed drivers:
xOwnage133 - Saturday | 15th August
Teemu Valkeejärvi (Togomies) - Sunday | 16th August
Craig Baxter (ChazmR) - Saturday | 15th August
Sam Carpenter (NFGaming) - Saturday | 15th August
Tom97HD - Saturday | 15th August
Ghovand Keanie - Saturday | 15th August
Dashima -
Daniel Brewer (RandyMcScrandy1) - Sunday | 16th August
race_fanatic_ - Sunday | 16th August
Innitialization - Saturday | 15th August
Rick Kamminga - Sunday | 16th August
TheLostsoul - Saturday | 15th August
Isara Catherine-Brown (BlackFlagged) - Saturday | 15th August
Fred Bawden - Saturday | 15th August
Evan Rice (PekkF1) - No Preference
Dewald Nel - Sunday | 16th August
James McCrae - Sunday | 16th August
Joe Malson - Sunday | 16th August
Alex Armageddon - Saturday | 15th August
Kptk92 - Saturday | 15th August
Martin Štefanko - Saturday | 15th August
Joe (BeaverNChipmunk) - Saturday | 16th August
Maik Panneman - Sunday | 16th August
MickeyMickeyMotionz - Sunday | 16th August
Sebastian Job - Sunday | 16th August

Kuba Brzezinski - Sunday | 16th August
Ryan Littlemore - Sunday | 16th August
Adrian Falcon - Sunday | 16th August
Pashalis Gergis - Sunday | 16th August
Sam Jones - Saturday | 15th August
Ron Squire - Sunday | 16th August

1 spots remaining

George Chatzipantelis (?)

Confirmed commentators:
Justin Sutton
Jonny Simon (Monday)
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Sign me up again, i expect i can do either day although i will comfirm closer i guess. But i expect i'm easy

you got me on steam so don't need to attatch my username

Craig Baxter

rFactor2 Coordinator
Staff member
rFactor2 Coordinator
Apr 7, 2014
Sign me up

Craig Baxter.

edit: Any day suits fine
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Junior Karter
Jul 2, 2015
Let's goooo. Sign me up.
I can do any day. Put me in whenever.
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Hampus Soderberg

AOR PC Assetto Corsa S4 & RallyCross S1 Champion
Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Sign me up! :)

Kind of need to go the 16th due to work!
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AOR iRacing FR2.0 Season 4 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Please, have a look at the date of the event.
This means the event runs from Saturday the 15th of August until Monday the 17th of August.

EDIT: New track build will be released on the next couple of days. Server will be hired in the next couple of days too. Details to follow.

Elyess Bouzouita

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jul 21, 2015
Hey I just joined AOR even if i know you since 2013,
I never saw this it interests me, is it like a sort of rally cross?


AOR iRacing FR2.0 Season 4 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Hey I just joined AOR even if i know you since 2013,
I never saw this it interests me, is it like a sort of rally cross?
It's based on the real life Race of Champions (you can search it on YT), where the world's most famous drivers go head to head around a small track over a few laps with barriers very close around you. We did an event like this earlier this year which can be found on the BoxBoxBoxGaming YT channel to give you more of an idea.