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rFactor - Race Of Champions: Summer Edition


AOR iRacing FR2.0 Season 4 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
Firstly, I want to thank Knut and the whole AOR team for their support over the course of the event, having me use their name and also forum. Thanks guys.

As for the event itself, I can say 400x 'thank you' to so many people. Of course the whole broadcast team - Justin, Mikko, Alex, Ryan. All a massive thanks for the work you've put into the broadcasts. Mainly a big thanks to Justin for the broadcast, but also with his helping hands setting the event up. Alex a big thanks for allowing us to use his TeamSpeak-server. Without their help, this event wouldn't be as successful as it was.

Every single driver who has taken part in this event deserves a lot of credit. Thank you all for your efforts, commitment, help where it was needed and participation in the event. Thanks for the understanding and without the drivers the event would be nowhere. From the drivers who were kicked out of the tournament in the group stages to the drivers who were there for the last rounds - it doesn't matter - every single driver deserves credit as said before.

I've definitely learned a few lessons here and there. Since this is the second event I've been hosting (and the first on rFactor), there is a lot of potential to improve. I won't disagree with that. I want to apologise for the things which went wrong from an organisation POV. I should and could have done a better job at preparing the event, hence the reason why the event went on deeply into the night. That is absolutely my fault and I again apologise for this. Especially to Tommy Martinez.

I nonetheless sincerely hope that everyone has had a fantastic time during the event and had fun. Quite amazing to still have that many drivers on the TeamSpeak-server (while some were already knocked out) deep into the night. Respect to all of you.

Pashalis, Fred and Craig a big thanks for helping me out yesterday with spectating and finally James a big thank you for keeping the Drive document updated during the event.

As I said, I will be striving for a smoother event in the future. For now, I hope I did the best I could to entertain you guys and deliver 3 awesome days.

Onto the winter ROC in 2016!

Thanks everyone. Appreciate the efforts.


Junior Karter
Aug 1, 2015
No problem Ownage i really enjoyed it hit me up for the next one and ill happily help out again and il be able to talk more as my brother will have moved out for uni by then :)


Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 18, 2015
Really fun event to participate and watch. Thanks Ownage for making such a fun event. Hopefully I won't be so bad if I show up again next time >_<

Hampus Soderberg

AOR PC Assetto Corsa S4 & RallyCross S1 Champion
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Jan 13, 2014
Firstly I would like to thank all the people involved in making this event possible. The main man is of course Ownage, but I know there are also some other people who make things work. (for example Justin and the co-commentators.)

Now when some time has gone I would like to talk about a few things about future ROCs!

  • It's one thing to put in a lot of time in making this happen, it's awesome that it's done. It's another thing to put money into it imo. I know Jeroen has paid some money to pay for server and so on! I would definitely be up for paying some money to hopefully as a group cover the costs of the event.
  • As a game to do the event on I really enjoyed rfactor. I would definitely be for on doing it on this game again. AC was also nice and I don't really mind which game between thoes. (Maybe more people own AC, which would attract more people to the event?)
  • Time has run away a bit on both times, maybe a bit more on the 2nd one. :) IMO it would maybe be good to have it thu-sat like the first ROC or just have the event on 4 days and split the KO stages on two different days. I'm sure the delay would go down for the next event anyway because of everything probably going a bit smoother. Anyway I'm sure ownage is thinking of things like this but just thought I would mention my view of it! :)
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