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Right of reply on the GTE S8 R5 Wrecked CJBMX702 & Stewards

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Mar 4, 2019
"Stewards - We have decided that Moraine is at fault in this incident, so we must take Moraine at 10 second time penalty."

"Me - I do not see what I can do more to be careful.We make a race or we look in the whites of the eyes.In the race you always brake the same, otherwise it is to take a risk, but in this case then you have to accept the consequences, here you lose a few precious seconds (5s) when I lose 46s.
Note that on one of the replay we see your risky trajectories "entry combes".

"Me for stewards - When I talk about being consistent in your decisions, by which I mean seeing your answer here
https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/gte-season-8-round-3-liam-sara.59704/#post-840080 and now your answer for our incident ...

Two things one.
Either I am blind and do not see the same things as you.
Or I'm stupid and do not understand. in one case crash with several car involved and I do not even talk about the guy who does not brake once his car accident that take another car because it does not brake.

in French they say, "two weights, two measures"

Extract from the rules
Race ban:
Drivers who cause significant incidents, or repeatedly cause incidents may receive a race ban.
This is a severe penalty and should act as a last warning before being removed from the league.

... heuuu!? really."

I express my deepest disapproval but tonight I'm leaving the pit lane.


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Oct 19, 2016
Salut Sylvain,

thanks for reaching out for clarification. It shows we don’t have a common understanding and clearing that up is the best way forward.

First off all, all stewards decisions are final, so we are not going to make any changes to our rulings.

The two incidents you are comparing are different, from our perspective.

the incident you had with Pfeffer: you rear ended the car ahead. As the car behind it is always your responsibility to not touch the car ahead. Pfeffer took one of a few typical lines and a typical braking point.
The contact should not have happened and as the car behind, it’s your responsibility. It was a bit unlucky, for sure, but responsibility lies with the car behind.

the Barcelona incident you linked was a different situation. Two cars were side by side, and both cars left the other car room. Still, they got together.

Closing this now.
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