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PC Round 03 - Chinese Grand Prix [14/10/18 8:00pm UK]


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ACC Coordinator
Jan 11, 2018
Qualifiying: P7
I was very happy with this as I did my PB in this session for the soft tyres and was just pleased to be in the top 10 against some of the ultrasoft runners.

Race: P8
Had a decent start and eventually ended up P3 behind @Müller who I practically kept up with the whole time. We seemed to be closing in on @ramdrop so it was looking really promising to get P3 at least. Then I disconnected and by the time I rejoined I had lost 4 positions and something like 15 seconds on track. It ruined my race which was a shame. Had some good battling with @Qélon and @ImWave during the last part of the race. Had P8 up until the penultimate lap and then lost it but was promoted at the end because of @Duppy's penalty. Absolutely gutted because I felt like I was driving really well today :(

Highlights of Bahrain and China will be done soon, been ill this week so I haven't got round to doing them yet.
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Apr 26, 2015
Q: Had no practice gong into this race due to a UT4 cup. So decided to use the first few laps in quali on the ultrasoft as practice then went out for Softs. Lost a little bit of time, but P5 I was happy with.

R: I knew I had some pace in the race after quali so I just managed the tyres, looked after them and especially didn't push when I had pitted. I managed to save some life which kept the advantage to me.

Here is my race video.



Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Q: Had no practice and hadn't touched F1 in almost a week so I was green, I used Qualy as practice and tweaked the setup I used in my TT Lap PB to just have more stability. Because of that, I qualified P11, not great but I'm also having issues with my throttle (( this exactly )) so I was happy to actually have free tyre choice.

R: Started on Mediums and then went to Softs, 1 stop of dreams, ok pace, wasn't fast enough for a podium and had some great battles, especially with @Julien2395 in the last 5 laps! All in all, P5 and I have my first points on the board so I'm satisfied.
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Formula 3 2nd Driver
May 3, 2018
Q: Was ok but not great = p10 on S

R: Spunb out after 1st sequence of corners and then the most boring race ever


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 17, 2018
Q: P9
Got blocked on my last run with the softs...wouldnt been the perfect lap, but I think that I would have qualified right behindt @ramdrop.

R: P2
First laps just tried to pass people as quick as I can. After the US pitted, @ramdrop was P1 and I was in P2 with a gap of 3 sec. I actually closed the gap to like 1,2-1,5 sec, but I just couldnt got into the DRS window (think the reason for it is Dirty Air).
Tried to overcute ramdrop, which gained my just like 0.100 or so.

In the End its an ok race (because its China lol), think that if I qualified behind ram it would have been an great ontrack battle for the whole race.
Again, gg to @ramdrop who drove an really good race and @ieponi for his P3

Looking forward to Baku (another bad track yey^^)

And please just look in your mirrors in Quali! Dont retire on track and if you cant drive another fast lap just let faster People pass!


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Jul 15, 2017
Q: ez unexpected pole

R: Lag spike - lost the lead, stuck behind my lagging team brother @Duppy but managed to overtake him on lap 3 to make my pit stop a lap later.
Pitted again on lap 16, both stints on the Softs were all about cutting through the traffic as soon as possible to set my base for the last 6 laps, which were mostly spent battling @Tom97HD :p

Really enjoyed it, looking forward to Baku (if I can even race then lol)